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2015 A.Rodda Smiths Vineyard Beechworth Chardonnay  Australian chardonnay of the highest level here. Crafted by the 2015 'Young Gun of Wine' winner Adrian Rodda and sourced from the celebrated Smith's Vineyard (planted in 1978), this mesmerising chardonnay is tightly wound, multi-dimensional and powerful; with a wonderful minerally spine running through a palate of prodiguous length. Absolutely delicious and a steal at the price.   $39.95 per bottle

2015 A.Rodda Willow Lake Yarra Valley Chardonnay    "White peach, melon and grapefruit are backed by complex wild yeast and barrel fermentation providing the background of funk. Intense and superbly balanced, it drives on and on with grapefruit pith and the finest of acid lines" - James Halliday, 96 points $39.95 per bottle

2016 Cannibal Creek Chardonnay     A delicious follow up to the magnificent 2015 vintage; very much in the same mould; "Generous in the mouth, with sweet fruit galore, and clean acidity to finish. A lovely wine, bright and lively" - Huon Hooke, 92 points  $29.95 per bottle

2017 Crawford River Riesling   "Wow this is good. There's a lot of very good riesling around but the details here are so punchy and so vivid; it just has that extra something. Lime, slate and spice flavours but it's the palate intensity and power through the finish which sets it apart" - James Halliday, 96 points; "Moreish, delicious white that meshes citrus fruit, green apple crunch, mixed mineral-like characters, talc-like texture and exceptional length into a cohesive riesling of quiet power and joyous perfume. It's a rapier-thrust of tightly wound, lean and refreshing fruit with purity and velocity to burn. Such a sense of precision here too, especially helped by the quivering tension found from the tight, chalky boundaries of the wine. You get the sense of quality fruit and considered winemaking from first sip. Best yet, beyond that, it's fantastic drinking"- Mike Bennie, 95+ points   $42.95 per bottle 

2018 Crawford River Young Vines Riesling  "All the florals, all the citrus fruits, flinty, tangy, pithy and pristine. It shows great velocity through the palate, pinpoint accuracy too, zestiness, a mouth-puckering and refreshing finish... deliciousness is a by-word. No brainer for anyone who loves lively, energetic, refreshing white wines, with a touch of class" - Mike Bennie, 94 points   $29.50 per bottle 

2017 Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc   $24.95 per bottle  

2012 Eagles Rest Dam Block Semillon  "This is a freakish wine, still with the colour of a 1yo semillon, not a 4yo. What is more, the palate lives up to the promise of the colour, incredibly fine, long and pure, with lemon, lime and grapefruit citrus flavours locked together by tightly wound acidity on the long, perfectly balanced palate. An absolute steal at the price" - James Halliday, 96 points    $24.95 per bottle

2018 Fallen Giants Riesling   "There's no question, the Grampians can produce riesling of the highest quality. It has exceptional tension and laser-guided precision, lime and slatey flavours, and length on the palate that is unsurpassed. It sits easily alongside top rieslings from the Rheingau. This wine has all those qualities, the price a side joke" - James Halliday,- 97 points; "It could hardly taste more delicious. It feels soft, flavoursome and long all at once. Kaffir lime leaves, steel and pure lime juice of excellent intensity. I liked it from the first sip but every time I came back to it I liked it more and more"- Campbell Mattinson, 95 points; "There's a judicious tickle of sweetness and this is balanced by fresh acidity. It's intense and long. A thoroughly delicious wine" - Huon Hooke, 95 points     $24.95 per bottle 

2017 Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Chardonnay    "What a belter. Phwoar. Parisian almond, lemon rind, grapefruit juice, faint wet slate notes. Saline tang to acidity, some light creaminess of savoury nuttiness though the mainstay is a core of blisteringly fresh tart fruit flavour underlying. Incredible velocity and freshness, character, complexity, nerviness. Beautiful, super thing" - Mike Bennie, 95+ points   $49.50 per bottle

2017 Giant Steps Sexton Vineyard Chardonnay    "Light creaminess, has a fuller figure yet that's all corseted together with chalky puffs of 'mineral' feel and the belt of green mango acidity. Generous flavours, you could say, certainly stains the palate well, perhaps needing some time to all come together completely. Still, has mojo. Good chardonnay here" - Mike Bennie, 93+ points   $49.50 per bottle

2017 Giant Steps Tarraford Vineyard Chardonnay    "Palate is ample, juicy, almost fleshy but for the licks of minerally tartness of acidity. Has some white chocolate notes, almost the texture of just melted chocolate bar, soft and long, stains the palate gently, the finish perky and fresh. It's one of those lip-licking, moreish chardonnays, and will be hard to put down. Yep" - Mike Bennie, 94 points   $49.50 per bottle

2017 Giant Steps Wombat Creek Vineyard Chardonnay    "Stellar new release. Chardonnay looks tops from 2017... Clatters through the palate, lively and refreshing, shows some leesy nuttiness, cool acidity staying perky and alert through the wine. Finishes with incredible velocity of acidity, tart and citrus rind feeling, with a faint stain of malty-nougat stuff. Live wire, interesting, good" - Mike Bennie, 94 points   $49.50 per bottle

2018 Hahndorf Hill White Mischief Gruner Veltliner      Loads of exuberant aromatics and brimming with delicious citrus, spice, ruby grapefruit and stone fruit. These long and intense flavours are all held together by a juicy acidity and a gentle textural rub; Trophy - 2018 National Wine Show of Australia; Blue-Gold Award Winner at the 2005 Sydney International Wine Competition - "Fantastic length of flavour and a very precise line through the palate, very tight and very long. This more savoury style does exceptionally well with food"   $22.50 per bottle

2015 Henty Estate Chardonnay    "Given the cost of growing the grapes and the French oak, and the quality of the wine, the price borders on the unbelievable. It is classic ultra-cool-grown style, pink grapefruit the key" - James Halliday, 95 points  $26.95 per bottle

2017 Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Chardonnay   "Sweet, fragrant chardonnay with super delicate florals, honeysuckle and jasmine and lemon blossoms. Some peaches, nectarines and lemons, too. The palate has a superb core of power and fleshy ripe fruit pulp. Layered and complex. It really builds into the long finish" - James Suckling, 95/96 points; "This is swish... A gentle creaminess, spice notes, slate even, honeysuckle and toast. Extremely pure. Flowing robes of flavour. Grapefruit-like bite to the aftertaste, as a distinct positive. It's still gathering itself but already it's a treat to drink. A beautiful, beautiful wine" - The Wine Front, 95 points;  $49.95 per bottle

2016 Hoddles Creek Estate Chardonnay  "When you consider the mix of the very best clones, hand picking, the use of the Who's Who of French coopers, the price is a year-in, year-out bargain" - James Halliday, 95 points; "It has length and flavour, and feels open for play straight away, though showed even better the next day. Like this a lot. Touch and go for 94 points" - Gary Walsh, 93+ points  $21.95 per bottle

2015 Hoddles Creek Estate Syberia Chardonnay  "This is flat out sensational chardonnay. So cool. So pure. So seamless... Fresh and precise on an energetic finish of superb length. All just so. Straight to the pool room" - Gary Walsh, 96 points  $59.95 per bottle

2015 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay  "The palate has bracing acidity and concentrated flavour, which is still latent and promising more in time... The wine is still remarkably young and has a great career in front of it" - Huon Hooke, 96 points  $99.95 per bottle

2016 Lightfoot & Sons Myrtle Point Chardonnay  "Attention to detail in both the vineyard and winery has paid dividends: this combines elegance and intensity, balance and length. White peach and citrussy acidity soar on the finish, imprinting themselves permanently on the very long palate and aftertaste. All class" - James Halliday, 95 points; "$30 is rarely 'value' territory but this is excellent buying, even at that price. It just gets the pitch right. Lemon curd, marzipan, white peach and smoky oak characters sit hand-in-glove in the best of ways. The finish is slightly chalky; entirely positive. Lovely chardonnay" - Campbell Mattinson, 93 points  $24.95 per bottle

2018 Meerea Park Hell Hole Semillon      $22.95 per bottle

2017 Mountadam Eden Valley Chardonnay  "A very well executed Eden Valley chardonnay with bell-clear varietal character, its cornerstones white peach and nectarine fruit, the mid-palate with gentle grapefruit and oak. It's in Brideshead Revisited style, elegant and refined, under- rather than overstated" - James Halliday, 94 points  $22.95 per bottle

2018 Narkoojee Lily Grace Chardonnay       $28.95 per bottle

2015 Penfolds Bin 311 Tumbarumba Chardonnay     "Intense grapefruit/white peach/melon aromas and flavours drive through the palate in a chariot of natural acidity, making French oak an incidental extra. When Tumbarumba has a good (ie dry) vintage, everything falls into place" - James Halliday, 95 points; "Tumbarumba Chardonnay in all its glory... This is a power-packed release. Grapefruit and toasty characters surge through the palate. Elements of funk, but in check. White peach: ripe, fleshy, controlled. Roasted, toasty, nutty aftertaste. Beautiful length. Beautiful balance. Beautiful chardonnay" - Campbell Mattinson, 94 points   $38.95 per bottle

2015 Penfolds Reserve Bin A Chardonnay     "A whirlwind of a wine... . This is really elemental, pared back and restrained - an infant of a wine with much to come in time. The palate has a core of very pure, deep-set, citrus-focused fruit that's really focused around grapefruit... It's also gently grippy, nicely layered and very long. There's measure and restraint for all the richness; it's a cleverly composed iteration of an outstanding Adelaide Hills vintage. Give this until 2019 to build in bottle. It's an outstanding wine" - James Suckling, 98 points; Over the past 10 years this wine has (I suspect) won more gold medals than any other Australian chardonnay... the magic lies in the fruit and ultimately barrel selection, and I can see no reason why this thrilling wine won't add to its medal collection. It has a diamond-like intensity and purity to the fruit flavours, natural acidity and new French oak observers from the wings" - James Halliday, 97 points; "The palate is tight and refined, reserved and delicate, subtle and barely ready to approach. It's a baby. Taut and nervy; amazing youth" - Huon Hooke, 95 points   $89.95 per bottle

2017 Pressing Matters R0 Riesling      "It's spine-tingling fresh with a burst of lemon zest and lime juice across the palate. Crisp and dry, linear and long with sprightly acidity and an almost nervous energy. Yet there's a succulence too. Super now, better in a few years" - James Halliday, 95 points; "And dry it is. Wow. Pure citrus fruit and citrus blossom scents. Delicate, evocative, pretty. The palate is chiseled and edgy, tightly wound dry citrus flavours, brisk as all get out with tart-lemony acidity and piercing through its needle-thrust to its long, pin prick of mouthwatering acidity to close. Acid hounds will rush to this, and in its style it is pristine and so very precise. Nice one" - Mike Bennie, 93 points; "The wine is lean and taut and almost a little austere... A very fine, reserved riesling" - Huon Hooke, 92 points   $29.95 per bottle

2018 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling   "The potential is obvious, and enormous... intense zesty fruit and high acidity. It all comes together beautifully" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 95 points; "Long and pristine, laced with lavender, pear and apple skin; pure fruit extends down a dusty spine towards a faintly sweet finish wrapped in lime juice acids" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points; "Aromas are bright, fresh, crisp and lively... the palate juicy and delicious. There is a trace of sweetness balancing the high acidity, but you scarcely notice it, the wine is so beautifully balanced" - Huon Hooke, 95 points  $32.95 per bottle

2016 Seville Estate The Barber Chardonnay  Archetypal Yarra Valley cool climate chardonnay with a long minerally spine to the citrus and white peach flavours; balanced acidity and great length. One of the best value chardonnays I have come across for a very long while; "It's a beauty. Bright zesty citrus and stone fruit with soft acidity meander along the medium-bodied palate with some extra flavour from creamy, nutty lees" - Jane Faulkner, 92 points  $19.95 per bottle

2018 Singlefile Great Southern Riesling    "The fragrant blossom-filled bouquet leads into an immediately balanced palate of exemplary length. A lovely riesling from a great vintage" - James Halliday, 96 points & Top 100 Wines for 2018    $22.95 per bottle

2013 Tyrrell's Vat 1 Semillon   "The Emperor, shy but strident, wearing a myriad of citrus and orchard colours and a tensile sash of calm, and poise. This majestic wine's lightweight belies its sheer stretch of flavours across the palate. Energetic and gently grippy; tightly wound but bristling with mineral intent. Bottle age has softened this ever so slightly. Nothing more. An Australian classic in the making!" - James Halliday, 97 points; "There's just a whisper of toast starting up, but the wine is reserved for its age, promising to live long if cellared. Taut, dry, savoury and restrained. An excellent wine with a long future ahead of it (5 Gold medals)" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; "A powerhouse palate presenting juicy, almost sweet, citrus fruit that fills the mouth - remarkable presence for such a light wine. Subtle powdery texture and pure acidity. Length to burn. A classic Vat 1" - Gary Walsh, 96 points; "Already thrumming with complexity, loaded with lemon fruit, wax, toast and fantastic marine saltiness on the finish. Long and layered, with the sense that the petals are only just beginning to unfurl. As ever, there is huge potential here" - JancisRobinson, 17.5+ points out of 20  $69.95 per bottle



2015 Abel's Tempest Pinot Noir    "An aromatic bouquet with cherry and plum fruits coupled with spicy nuances, the medium-bodied palate flavours following on directly from the bouquet; excellent persistence of the fruit, line, length and balance tick all the boxes. Tasmania is as Tasmania does" - James Halliday, 95 points      $27.95 per bottle

2016 Bannockburn 1314 A.D. Pinot Noir    This the most interesting and complex pinot I've tasted for under $30. Dark cherry fruit, spice and sap combine to make-up a lip smacking pinot that is moreish and easy to drink; "You would be hard pressed to find a better value for money Pinot, the 1314 release is made in similar style to the Estate wine with definitive whole bunch character (20%), lip smakingly expressive fruit and oak treatment that you rarely find on a wine sub $30... The 1314 is still a well kept secret, it's worth hunting some down" - Winereviewer.com.au, 94 points; "Stylistically, this taps into the very best of the Bannockburn styles, with still the same sappy, ripe and very Pinoty nose. This is Geelong Pinot mate, and it smells unlike Burgundy (terroir at work). Importantly, this has a length of sappy, almost stewed (but not in an overripe sense) fruit, and some late bitterness for backbone. The stems are there, but so is that fruit too, in a not-delicate-but-delicious style. I've tasted a bit of Burgundy recently, and know that if you slipped this into a blind lineup of village level wines, it would smash many... Substantial wine for the dollars. Would I buy it? Yes" - Australian Wine Review, 93 points    $27.95 per bottle  

2015 Bass Phillip Estate Pinot Noir     "Long, gentle and fine-grained, this deeply floral young pinot has a brightly perfume of red cherries, blood plums, redcurrants, musky spices and fiery, earthy undertones. It's pristine and evenly paced, with a fleshy, sweet fruited and almost fatty palate" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points; "Medium bodied at most, sappy and animated, redcurrant and pomegranate, fine burr of kitten's tongue tannin, pleasing sense of delicacy, and pretty fine length. Delicious" - Gary Walsh, 94+ points  $74.95 per bottle

2015 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir    "It's full-bodied and dense, high-extract, loaded with tannin and lush in spicy flavour. The fruit is lavish as are the tannins. A wholly impressive pinot, which will surely soar in a high trajectory over the next few years. The density, concentration and fleshy extract are mightily impressive, as is the prodigious length" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; "A true Australian grand cru pinot, seamlessly weaving red berry and cherry fruit through floral, spicy, foresty complexities and perfectly applied oak. Soft, finely structured, silky, poised and lingering in the mouth. Superb" - Ralph Kyte-Powell, 97 points; "So sure-footed and confident, it almost has a swagger. Cherry, sweet cinnamon and cedar oak, dried flowers, a little earthy bass. Medium bodied, silky and precise, with delectable savoury and fruit sweet switching, layered and complex already, laced up tight with ultra-fine pixel tannin, and long smashed strawberry and spice finish. A delight. Really needs a few years" - Gary Walsh, 96 points; "Long and stylish, with a spicy, gamey fragrance of red cherries, redcurrants, minerals and cola backed by nuances of dried herbs and cedary oak, this medium to full-bodied pinot is laced with scents of red flowers and stony, earthy undertones. It's supple and sappy but piercingly intense, with penetrative flavours of small red berries and cherries supported by a firmish spine of fine, powdery tannins, finishing with lively acids and a hint of mineral" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points    $210.00 per bottle

2017 Bellvale Pinot Noir  "The flavours themselves have a lovely warmth theme. Warm spices, stewed berries, refreshing acidity and a burst of woodsy spice notes through the finish. It's complex but it's succulent and accessible. Truth is that it drinks like a charm. Value is self-evident" - The Wine Front, 92 points; "As the old saying goes, you can either have good Pinot or cheap Pinot. But never both. Except for this Bellvale wine... And this red is far too good for $25, it's initially quite fragrant, despite the obvious ripenss, with meat and almost plum fruit - there's a density that I always see in the Bellvale wines"- Australian Wine Review, 92 points; "The palate has abundant fruit-sweetness and mellow developed flavours. There's a lot of very ripe black cherry flavour too, and the wine has an exotic, almost cherry-liqueur aspect as a result. Good intensity. A succulent pinot" - Huon Hooke, 91 points   $22.95 per bottle

2014 Bests Family Thomson Shiraz    JAMES HALLIDAY WINE OF THE YEAR 2017: "This is a ravishing wine with a velvet and satin mouthfeel, and a rainbow of black, purple and blue fruits. Supple tannins are somewhere in the mix, likewise French oak, but don't bother dissecting what is an exquisite wine. As a point of principle, I'm not going to give 100 points for a table wine, but if I were, this would get the nod. Drink by 2054" - James Halliday, 99 points  $345.00 per bottle

2015 By Farr Farrside Pinot Noir    "The palate is fruit-sweet and succulent, deliciously flavoured and lush, with softness and charm to burn. An utterly gorgeous wine. Long finish - real concentration. Balance and texture are its highlights" - Huon Hooke, 96 points; "Finesse to the max. Svelte, elegance, understated. Delicious, moreish fruit, spice and mineral flavours. Wonderful lingering flavours and aromas. Idiosyncratic in the best possible sense. This is an outstanding wine" - Mike Bennie, 95 points     $74.95 per bottle

2015 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir    "The palate is profound, powerful and concentrated, with a fleshy softness that is delicious. A lovely wine with a big future. Great structure and power. Magnificent now but cellar a year or two for best results" - Huon Hooke, 98 points; "Deeply coloured, depth and savoury complexity the cornerstones of great pinots. Spices from an Arabian bazaar intermingle sinuously with vibrant berry fruits, a skein of refreshing acidity adding another dimension to a wine that continuously draws saliva from the mouth. It is already a complete wine, its future measured in decades, not years" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Brilliant release from the Geelong stalwart... Evocative scents from the glass, takes you to butcher's shops and florists. Soft in the palate, spreads on sheets of fine tannin, mouthwatering acidity, spritely to finish. A quilt caught on the line in a southerly wind. Beautiful sweet-sour-savoury fruit flavours, pitch perfect spice and herbal nuance. Unreal feel here, so unique in its way. Savour it" - Mike Bennie, 95 points     $74.95 per bottle

2017 Coldstream Hills Deer Farm Vineyard Pinot Noir   "Length is the order of the day. This is a wine of structural integrity first and foremost though crackles of wood spice, smoke and leaf matter make sure that the sweet-sour nature of the cherried fruit is complex. Everywhere you look here you see absolute signs of quality. It's bright, brooding, savoury and sweet at once; it offers both tang and velvet. A glittering star of a wine" - James Halliday, 97 points; "A superb bouquet recalling strawberry, spices, cranberry and raspberry, lifted and complex. It's light to medium-bodied and intense, with delicious flavour, fresh and fragrant. Great fruit intensity and purity. An outstanding pinot" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; Gourmet Traveller Wine - 97 points    $49.95 per bottle

2016 Curly Flat Pinot Noir    "Close behind came the Curly Flat, grown and made with the intricacy and precision that has always marked this Macedon Ranges vineyard... Glorious bouquet with a riot of spices, red fruits and forest notes; the palate has exceptional structure - the fruit/oak/tannin trilogy is perfect" - James Halliday, 96 points; "What a wine it is. A polished gem from top to toe, it flows seamlessly from the first whiff to a long lingering finish. Oozing class and charisma, fruit and oak are perfectly handled delivering a wine of opulence and respectability. Dark cherry fruit sits at the wheel with apricot kernel, plums, twiggy and forest floor characteristics synonymous with the variety dripping through its pores. There's a tension evident which time will slowly release, but there's a generosity too. Pour and sip slowly - a wine which ensures that time is irrelevant" - Steve Leszczinski, 95 points; "A lovely, generous example of Macedon Pinot Noir... a really enjoyable drink - there's a real sense of fullness, the warm year filling out the palate. A bigger wine in context, but not to the point of excess. Nice wine" - Andrew Graham, 94 points; "There's volume and power to the mid palate but the characterisation is found moreso in the wine's spicy, autumnal highlights - combined with trademark velvety texture. Undergrowth; a little. Oak; yes, but more texture than flavour. It's a cerebral release; its best days are ahead of it" - The Wine Front, 93+ points    $49.95 per bottle

2017 Dalrymple Pinot Noir    "The fruit is pure and strong. This is a muscular pinot noir with plum and anise notes bursting through dry spice and wood smoke. The tannin here has the crackle of quality to it, as indeed does the fruit. It has every muscle flexed right now but it'll be better once it's had time to ease off and settle into itself" - James Halliday, 94 points; "It's firm, powerful and insistent. It's imposing, and impressive" - Campbell Mattinson, 94 points; "Juicy, slippery textured pinot of cherry fruit... and a general sense of precision across the palate. It's a fine example, very fresh, touched by slender tannin and drawn long to a point. Very lovely drinking" - Mike Bennie, 92 points    $29.95 per bottle

2017 Dexter Pinot Noir     "Wastes no time in laying siege with its fruit bouquet and (in particular) palate. It's hard to decide whether it's the dark berry (black cherry and blackberry) or the savoury texture and length that are the best points of a truly outstanding pinot" - James Halliday, 97 points; "A superbly fresh, fragrant cherry aroma, with background spices and dried herb traces. Very intense, vibrant and precise. An outstanding young pinot destined for a long and distinguished life" - Huon Hooke, 96 points; "It's loaded with cherry juice and pomegranate fruit scents and flavours, it offers a sprinkle of herb n spice to taste. It's exceptionally long in flavour too. Indeed, it's a beautiful wine when you take stock of it all, and best of all, drinkability is high. A really lovely expression once more" - Mike Bennie - 94 points   $54.95 per bottle

2017 Domaine A Stoney Vineyard Pinot Noir    $34.95 per bottle

2016 Fallen Giants Shiraz      MAXIMUM ORDER OF 3 DOZEN PER PERSON; "This has classic Grampians shiraz flavours; all black fruits and a strongly structured palate with a rocky edge to the fruit on the mid-palate; spices, cracked pepper and licorice all at maximum levels. Indeed, you would never have believed it possible that an even bigger wine would exist a few metres up the hill. Let me say, however that although this is super-full-bodied, it doesn't rely on tannins. Drink by 2045" - James Halliday, 98 points; "A study in elegance. Such sweet control, such savoury charm. It doesn't scream the words Grampians shiraz; it purrs them into a microphone. Plums, cherries, nuts, and low-but-important-levels of peppers and associated spices. Oak has been pinned immaculately to the fruit. It all sings through the finish. Modern and traditional at once. It feels completely unforced. Bless it. Drink: 2022 - 2040" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points       $32.95 per bottle

2017 Felton Road Pinot Noir  "Elegant, fresh and vibrant, this red starts off wonderfully perfumed, with lavender, white pepper and green tea notes that accentuate the purity of the cherry and raspberry flavors. Polished tannins still provide some grip on the finish, where white truffle and forest floor details linger" - Wine Spectator, 96 points; "Full flavoured, creamy vanilla oak in support, herbal mouth-perfume, clean acidity, open weave tannin pushes out on the finish. Really lovely. Flavour with finesse. Tasty and seductive" - The Wine Front, 95 points; "Dense, intense wine with strong sweet fruit restrained by subtle tannins. A rich, almost chewy wine, with impressive underlying power" - Bob Campbell MW, 95 points   $64.95 per bottle

2017 Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Pinot Noir    "Acid driven, light and fragrant style, has that sense of sleekness from fine pinot tannins yet is tightly wound, coiled and precise as it rolls through the palate... Balanced, lithe, very finely wrought. Such elegance, and, importantly, incredible sense of energy in the wine. Now we can use the word outstanding" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 96+ points     $57.95 per bottle   

2017 Giant Steps Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir    "Sets itself off on a darker, fuller path for pinot. Plush in the palate, dark chocolate and amaro, red berries, fine bitterness to finish with a smudge more bitter-dark chocolate. Mouthwatering, hunger-setting stuff. Fuller figured here. Breathy even. Nice though. Real nice. The 'generous one'" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 93 points     $57.95 per bottle   

2017 Giant Steps Wombat Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir    "Sets itself off on a darker, fuller path for pinot. Plush in the palate, dark chocolate and amaro, red berries, fine bitterness to finish with a smudge more bitter-dark chocolate. Mouthwatering, hunger-setting stuff. Fuller figured here. Breathy even. Nice though. Real nice. The 'generous one'" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 93 points     $57.95 per bottle   

2014 Grove Estate Cellar Block Shiraz Viognier    Awarded the Peter Robertson Trophy for the HILLTOPS WINE OF THE YEAR at the 2015 Hilltops Wine Awards; The judges comments were: "This is a delightfully perfumed wine showing an aromatic combination of red fruits, spices and black pepper. The palate is long and opulent, balanced with fine tannins. A gorgeous wine"     $29.95 per bottle

2012 Henschke Mount Edelstone Shiraz   "This is a blue-blood aristocratic shiraz, certain in its supreme power, length and balance, and not going out to prove anything. If anyone doubts its quality now, the scales will fall from their eyes over the decades ahead, as it will be recognised by all and sundry as one of the greatest Mount Edelstones" - James Halliday, 98 points; "It’s a veritable smörgåsbord of flavours... Medium to full bodied, lashings of fine grained powdery tannin and ripe but fresh mixed berry fruit with a briny savoury edge. It’s a quiet storm of a wine, rolling through the mouth without too much noise and flashing, just confidently doing its thing without much of a care. Rumbles long into the distance after you swallow. As far as Mount Edelstones go, it’s a pretty bloody good one" - The Wine Front, 96 points    $185.00 per bottle

2017 Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Pinot Noir    "the perfumed bouquet has spice, hints of violets (unexpected so soon, but don't complain), cherry and plum, a gathering replayed on the stage of the palate which is wonderfully long" - James Halliday, 97 points & Top 100 Wines for 2018; ". It's a light, elegant wine, sinewy is the word, though it has the kind of insistence that would win it an election. This is a peacock's tail of a wine if there ever was one, all the forces marshalled in order through the mainstay off the palate before launching the real and decisive attack through the finish. Drinking it is like watching the launch of a satellite, to keep the metaphors rolling; you count down through the palate and then watch it boom. Let's just say, it has cashed in on the excellence of the vintage, and is remarkable both for its quality and for its value" - The Wine Front, 96 points   $49.95 per bottle

2017 Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir    "Exceptional drive, length and focus to its medium-bodied display of zesty, spicy small red fruits, its purity the mark of a glorious vintage, and a great site handled by an exceptional winemaker, Franco D'Anna" - James Halliday, 96 points & Top 100 Wines for 2018; "Medium-bodied, beautiful weight and precision, the delivery of flavour comes with a quiet confidence, fine graphite tannin, clear acidity, and satisfying length. Complete and sophisticated, yet still so young. Go on" - Gary Walsh, 94 points; "The palate offers impressive depth of flavour and authentic cherry fruit. This has some weight and substance. And a sweet fruit core. A very good pinot that's a touch muted at present and just cries out for a little cellar time to mellow and build" - Huon Hooke, 92 points   $24.95 per bottle

2016 Koltz Dog Day Shiraz    "Medium bodied, rich blueberry with some dried herb, tanin sits in the wine nicely, fresh and spicy finish of clean length and lip smacking satisfaction. Vibrant and almost fresh-faced expression of McLaren Vale Shiraz" - The Wine Front, 93 points  $19.95 per bottle

2014 Koltz The Pagan Shiraz    "Suspense be damned, I rated it Excellent+++. I'm always a little hesitant to rate a wine that highly, it leaves no room if I think a future vintage/wine is better. What I can say, with less hesitation, is that the 2014 Pagan leaves me unable to imagine how a wine could actually be any better... Ironstone, cedar, star anise and a hint of cloves by day 3. A wonderful earthy savoury character around a balanced complex fruit core, the morello acid is still there but blending in so well you really only find it bobbing up occasionally in those big flavour waves... It's actually a hard wine to describe well, yes it's big, and yes it's a sipping wine, but it just gently rocks you, and reminds you life is very, very good" - Gavin Scarman, Excellent+++  $49.95 per bottle

2016 Koltz The Wizard Shiraz    $37.95 per bottle

2016 Lightfoot & Sons Myrtle Point Pinot Noir    "This complex vinification has resulted in a very complex pinot, with red and purple fruits, abundant spices and savoury/earthy fine-grained tannins. This in turn leads to good length and texture" - James Halliday, 94 points; "This Gippsland vineyard clearly grows good pinot noir. The complexity is there. It just needs time to build and grow and mature... If you cast a wide net you'll reel in a wide variety of flavours and scents. Plenty of tang. Assorted goings on. It's like flicking through a pinot diary" - Campbell Mattinson, 91+ points   $24.95 per bottle

2014 Lowburn Ferry Home Block Pinot Noir    RANKED NUMBER OUT OF MORE THAN 170 PINOT NOIRS FROM ACROSS NEW ZEALAND - Decanter Magazine, 96 points (Outstanding); TROPHY FOR BEST PINOT NOIR - Sydney International Wine Competition 2016; "A mightily impressive and complex Pinot in an admirably understated, fresh and vivid cool-climate style. Gloriously bright with wonderful farmyard nuances and a distinct mushroom edge. Complex, savoury layers. Truly beautiful. Generous without being rich, and stylish without being showy - Phillip Tuck MW, 96 points; "An intensely perfumed, succulent wine... Very supple texture. The distinctly silky texture is a hallmark of this sub-region" - Christine Parkinson, 96 points; "Lovely cool-climate fruit - fresh and vivid. Very pure with unforced concentration. Fantastic complexity with great length" - Melanie Brown, 96 points; "How good is this. Seductive, powerful, refined and opulent at the same time. Gorgeous aromas of dark cherry, truffle, cedar, dried herb and roasted beet lead to a concentrated palate that delivers layers of delicious flavours. It is richly textured and generously flavoured, while remaining elegant and poised, and finishes superbly long and velvety. Wonderfully expressive and hugely appealing" - Wine Orbit, 96 points; "It is fragrant, sweet-fruited and concentrated, with deep, ripe plum, cherry and spice flavours, showing excellent complexity, and fine-grained tannins. Still youthful, it's an age-worthy, very harmonious wine" - Michael Cooper*****; "The fruit is softly rich and luscious, and flows effortlessly, supported by fine-grained, supple tannin extraction and a refined structure. The acidity is integrated and the balance of the wine is impeccable as it leads to an elegant, sweet and aromatic finish. This is an elegant and seamless Pinot Noir with harmonious dark red fruit, an array of floral and complex herbal layers and a supple mouthfeel" - Raymond Chan, 19.0 points out of 20  $47.95 per bottle

2015 Mayer Close Planted Pinot Noir    "Concentrated and powerful in the palate, has ripe herbal-stalkiness, juicy ripple across the palate, firm slaty tannins. Tannins a big part of the wine, the architecture is pretty epic. Depth, interest, structure. Seriously good" - Mike Bennie, 95 points; "Bright cherry fruit, not obviously stemmy, with lovely clean, ripe cherry, raspberry flavour, finely textured and nicely balanced by supple, drying tannins. Superb wine" - Huon Hooke, 95 points    $67.95 per bottle

2015 Monchiero Langhe Nebbiolo     "Lovely perfume here... Medium to full bodied, fresh and red fruited, plenty of open-weave grainy tannin with a fine sandy grip on the long finish. Good now, though I suspect it has a little bit more to offer" - The Wine Front, 92+ points   $44.95 per bottle

2013 Monchiero Rocche di Castiglione Falletto, Barolo DOCG     "Medium bodied, but dense and powerful, with packed down stony tannin, fresh acidity, layers of spice and amaro herbs, cherry and red fruits, and this soaring precise finish dusted with smashed rock tannin. Great wine. Transparent. Will age for decades" - The Wine Front, 96 points   $119.95 per bottle

2016 Penfolds Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz  "The bouquet and palate sing in unison with a rich brocade of black cherry and stitches of cedary French oak (ex 30% new hogsheads) and fine-grained tannins. Its balance and length are impeccable" - James Halliday, 96 points   $44.95 per bottle

2016 Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz      "It is tightly structured, with faultless attention to detail - wheels within wheels stuff, but inexorable in sending its black fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant) flavour message" - James Halliday, 97 points; "The great 2015 season has produced a wine as dark, vibrant and enticing as ever. Cabernet and shiraz embrace harmoniously in a confluence of blackcurrant and blackberry depth, magnificently supported by classy dark chocolate American oak. Fine-grained tannins effortlessly yet confidently promise a grand future. Another of the greats in the magnificent lineage of Bin 389" - Tyson Stelzer, 96 points; "It's a wine with a 'wow' introduction. It throws beautiful, beautiful aroma... The palate is true to established form, with blackcurrant and bay leaf notes rigged to a powerful motor of tannin... From every angle this is a belter of a Bin 389. It's best consumed any time between now and the apocalypse, or thereabouts" - The Wine Front, 96 points; Huon Hooke, 95 points    $84.95 per bottle

2016 Penfolds Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon   "A sensational Bin 407 that masterfully articulates varietal precision with outstanding concentration and presence. This is a vintage that will turn heads from the moment it's lobbed into the wine world, and will flatter incrementally as it uncoils over the coming decades. An exact core of bright, crunchy yet oh so dense blackcurrant and cassis fruit is intricately woven in a fine web of magnificently full and enduring tannins. In line, length and sheer jubilation, this is one of the greats in the lineage of 407 and the best buy of the current release collection" - Tyson Stelzer, 96 points; "And then the violets bloomed and the vanilla pods burst and a red sea of cassis gushed into focus. The dust, the bay, the docks of tobacco; you could sit on this and grow old alongside. This shows the Marananga release of the same vintage how to present your house for sale. There's mint in the bathroom and an overflow to the fruit bowl but the end effect puts you at ease and makes you want to buy. Balance. Elegance. Length. We're gliding to the left and we're gliding to the right; the shoes are shined and there's a sheen to them springs. This is a beautiful presentation of cabernet sauvignon" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points; "The wine is full-bodied and the tannins are very assertive, coating the entire mouth and leaving a drying sensation that lingers. There are smoky, mocha and graphite touches on the aftertaste. The farewell lingers for a long time. This is a long-term Bin 407" - Huon Hooke, 95 points  $97.50 per bottle

2014 Penfolds Grange   "This is a phenomenal wine and it opens so slowly and relentlessly it is amazing. Like a silent, slow-motion, ballet troupe showing power, poise, grace and movement, this is an elite wine and it parades its anti-fruit notes as much as it does its grape-derived flavours. This points to a massive ageing potential and also the patience required to appreciate this wine at its peak which I feel might be in thirty or more years' time" - Matthew Jukes, 100 points; "The wine is full-bodied but it's not a blockbuster. It's dense and concentrated, but not overpowering. Indeed, the wine is superbly balanced and has even a touch of elegance. The tannins are certainly abundant, with a touch of traditional Grange firmness, but it's a very easy Grange to understand and enjoy" - Huon Hooke, 98 points; "It's all rich, black fruit flesh seasoned with savoury dark spices and notes of cut down olive bushes and sage in the flavour zone. It's solid gold Grange in body as well as soul, yet chamfered and measured, even subtly minerally but with no hard edges" - Tony Love, 98 points; "Rich, concentrated and intense, the 2014 Grange delivers exactly what we've come to expect from this Penfolds icon wine. It's full-bodied, velvety in feel and loaded with plummy fruit, framed in vanilla and cedar. Dense, powerful and tannic, it should prove to be long lived, even by Grange standards" - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, 98 points; "Richly flavoured velvety textured wine with dense blackberry, mulberry, dark plum fruits, fine plentiful chocolaty but vigorous tannins, abundant roasted chestnut, mocha, nougat oak... Impressively balanced wine with lovely density, energy and meaty complexity. A classic example of exceptional multi-vineyard sourcing" - Andrew Caillard MW, 97 points; "The ultra-fragrant and expressive bouquet implacably draws you in; a great deal of work must have gone into the blending of the components and drawing them seamlessly. An aristocratic Grange with all the components in utter harmony" - James Halliday, 97 points; "The cliched elite are in for a treat. 2014 Grange will not let anyone down" - Campbell Mattinson, 96 pointsts  $710.00 per bottle

2015 Penfolds St Henri Shiraz (375ml)     "Beautifully modulated wine with a core of dark plum, mulberry, blackberry fruits, fine plentiful slinky tannins and roasted walnut herb garden notes. Finishes graphite firm with superb length and inky complexity. Lovely density, volume and texture. Has the power and structure for long term aging" - Andrew Caillard MW, 96+ points; "A St Henri of character, depth and room-filling exuberance. The great 2015 season has yielded a wine of deep, dark, spicy fruit presence that entices from the outset. It's framed consummately in firm, fine tannin structure that propels its glorious fruit fanfare and promises effortless life in the cellar, lingering with undeterred line and great persistence" - Tyson Stelzer, 96 points; "A lovely soft, rounded, fleshy shiraz, which is supple and smooth and yet full-bodied as well, and structured for cellaring. Full-bodied and with a core of sweet fruit, this is a delicious shiraz. Succulent, indeed. I could drink it right now" - Huon Hooke, 96 points; "St Henri is a beauty in 2015 and it looks back to its history with butcher's apron meatiness and smoke as well as looking forward with pristine redcurrant and prune tones reflecting the freshness and depth of this wine in equal measure. Superb and also impressively regal, this is a St Henri worthy of a reverential bow before you take a sip" - Matthew Jukes, 19.0+ points out of 20; "St Henris are usually built for the long haul thanks to their acidity, fruit and densely populated tannins, and this is no exception. Superbly structured, juicily vibrant, sweet and balanced, this is tempting to broach now. However, I'd leave it for a couple of decades and wait for the magic to unfurl" - Decanter, 96 points; "It's pristine and stylish, medium to fullish in weight, with a soft, penetrative core of black, red and blue fruits knit with a fine, firmish spine and wrapped with a mouthwatering acidity. Vivacious and elegant, it finishes with true length and savoury qualities" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points    $45.00 per bottle

2017 Phaedrus Estate Pinot Noir   This has to be one of the most enjoyable pinots I have tasted in a very long time. A plush, juicy and luscious palate with a mouthwatering array of black cherries and spices define this truly delicious wine which has a prodigous length for a pinot noir at this price point; "Striking, luscious fruit, plum and cherry. Atypical, but deliciously hedonistic" - James Halliday, 94 points.   $29.95 per bottle

2012 Podere Ruggeri Corsini Barolo ‘Bricco San Pietro’ DOCG     "Medium to full bodied, plump and tannic, yet with succulence of cherry fruit and almost a chocolate almond thing going on, freshness and a touch of orange peel, slick of sticky tannin on a long finish. Power with restraint. This is a very good bottle of Barolo" - The Wine Front, 93+ points   $84.95 per bottle

2013 Podere Ruggeri Corsini Langhe Nebbiolo DOC     "It's a bit of a brute, for sure, but gee you're getting a lot of Nebbiolo for your money here. Dark cherry, liquorice, dusting of pepper and sweet spices, new leather, dried mint and flowers. It's full bodied, packed with spiced red and black fruit and inky black tea tannin, keeps fresh and tight, even more so with clean minerally acidity, and finishes long with strawberry, cherry and that potpourri perfume. And of course a mudslide of delicious grainy tannin. Throw it into a decanter now, or leave it for up to a decade. It's rugged, but very good" - The Wine Front, 93 points   $42.95 per bottle

2017 Ravensworth Shiraz Viognier      "This is a beauty, but then again, the recent history of this wine speaks for itself. It's a highly perfumed release... The palate is satiny, long, sleek, slightly puckering as it luxuriates in its lingering sweet-spicy finish. It's one for those who like understated yet elegant shiraz expressions, and something to approach in youth too. Beautiful" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points    $41.95 per bottle

2017 Riposte The Dagger Pinot Noir   "It has considerable depth and complexity to its plum and dark cherry fruit. A foresty/earthy subtext adds another dimension" - James Halliday, 94 points; "This is a beauty. Textural, powerful, varietal and brilliant to drink. Dark cherries and plums, a tanginess, spice and peppercorn notes. It races about, delivering pleasure as it goes. Tannin is in emery board territory. Take the wine, the price, combine the two, and clearly this is right up there as one of the best value pinots of the year" - Campbell Mattinson - 92 points    $18.50 per bottle

2015 Seville Estate Pinot Noir   "The bouquet and palate both throw down the gauntlet with a riveting display of black cherry, spice and a (pleasantly) stalky/vegetal background. Makes a convincing claim for more time in bottle" - James Halliday, 95 points     $36.95 per bottle

2015 Shaw & Smith Adelaide Hills Shiraz   "The bouquet full of red fruits, darker fruit notes and delicious pepper and spice nuances. These characters flow through to the medium-bodied palate of Shaw + Smith's most consistently outstanding wine, the '15 vintage making it seem so easy" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Once again this time-proven shiraz rises to the top of a Winewise tasting. It has to be the best example yet - red, rather than black, berry aromas greatly enhanced by whiffs of whole bunch inputs and new oak. The palate is long and supremely fine - seamless really. Don't miss out" - Winewise *****(Outstanding); "The best shiraz yet under this label: deliciously intense with blood plum, raspberry, black cherry aromas laced with subtle pepper and spice nuances. Marvellous richness and a seamless, soft-textured palate which is fruit-driven, with barely perceptible oak" - The Real Review, 95 points; "Excellent intensity of flavour, soft texture, seamless, with smooth gentle tannins and early accessibility. Oak is barely perceptible. A delicious wine in a modern, fresh, fruit-driven style. I'd love to see this again in a few years" - Huon Hooke, 95 points     $39.95 per bottle

2015 Six Acres Yarra Valley Syrah      "A soft, gentle, Rhône-ish spice bouquet, which is really delightful. It's quite peppery, floral and very elegant. The wine is medium-bodied at best, with soft, light, gentle but present tannins, and a charming harmony. It doesn't have great power or concentration, but is a beautiful light to medium-bodied shiraz. Very gorgeous and very immediately drinkable" - Huon Hooke, 95 points $29.95 per bottle

2014 Sons of Eden Zephyrus Shiraz      An absolutely delicious wine wine bursting with vibrant, opulent fruits and supported by silky tannins on the long finish; "A beautifully wrought and detailed palate, so supple it literally glides through to the finish and aftertaste without even a momentary pause for thought. Will live for decades, but can also be consumed tonight" - James Halliday, 96 points; "Juicy forest berries with a jasmine perfume, spice, dried herbs, choc-mint fondant. Medium to full bodied, bitter chocolate and juicy dark berries, silky glossy feel with fine grained tannin that provides traction on the finish, to tighten it up. Feels fresh, but not forced, and the oak is beautifully taken up. Effortless Shiraz of polish and high drinking appeal" - The Wine Front, 93 points  $32.95 per bottle

2013 Tatiarra Cambrian Shiraz      The best Tatiarra Cambrian Shiraz to date. A perfect expression of Heathcote shiraz, with the potential to evolve into something very special. Layers of pure blackberry and dark plum fruit, a wonderful expression of conrolled power; "Wow and ouch. Wow because 2013 blends are crazy good and ouch cause geeze that's a hard tasting, so concentrated and awesome" - Ben Riggs, Winemaker    $34.95 per bottle

2013 Tatiarra Culled Barrel Shiraz     A stunning wine for the price and a veritable bargain in the Heathcote landscape. The palate fairly ripples with juicy, blackberry and plum fruit, spice and peper. Powerful and seductive; "Wow and ouch. Wow because 2013 blends are crazy good and ouch cause geeze that's a hard tasting, so concentrated and awesome" - Ben Riggs, Winemaker    $24.50 per bottle

2017 Yabby Lake Single Vineyard Syrah      "A wonderful wine. Polished, powerful, characterful and satisfying. It tastes of nuts, smoked herbs, berries red and black, graphite and a dry, almost savoury version of licorice straps. Full array of flavours and scents and bright with them too. Utterly seductive, and impressive" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points; "This stylish and silky style bursts with fragrance wafting with a herbal/spicy floral note like sage and thyme to begin, then a sense of licorice and black pepper that adds a delicious complexity and intensity to the flavour profile. It's rich without weightiness and has an engaging length. Really tasty" - Tony Love ****(*)    $32.95 per bottle

2016 Xanadu Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon      2018 JIMMY WATSON MEMORIAL TROPHY WINNER; " Medium-bodied, perfume and dried herbs in a core of red and black fruit, open weave but fine grained tannin, fresh and bright, but with a good amount of bass. Finish is long and well-defined, the tannin lending confident grip as it goes down. Excellent" - Gary Walsh, 95 points    $49.95 per bottle