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Pinot Noir 


2015 Abel's Tempest Pinot Noir    "An aromatic bouquet with cherry and plum fruits coupled with spicy nuances, the medium-bodied palate flavours following on directly from the bouquet; excellent persistence of the fruit, line, length and balance tick all the boxes. Tasmania is as Tasmania does" - James Halliday, 95 points      $29.95 per bottle

2018 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir  "Splendidly perfumed and immensely complex... The palate displays outstanding concentration and persistency, together with refined texture and flowing mouthfeel, finishing wonderfully long and seductive. It's multi-layered and perfectly proportioned with a stunning line and length" - Sam Kim, 97 points; "Elegant, aromatic pinot noir with bright, high energy floral, violet, cherry, fresh herb, star anise and restrained spicy oak supported by fine tannins and juicy acidity. An attractively fragrant, supple wine that's a little lighter than usual but gives a nod in the direction of Burgundy and shows promising ageing potential" - Bob Campbell MW, 96 points; "A richer vintage of Ata Rangi here... Bright and intense. Medium-bodied, plenty of flavour, rich dark fruit with orange peel and spice, firm almost tea-like tannin, moving to ripe strawberries with pepper on a long perfumed, slightly bitter radicchio finish. I like this bit of extra tannin activity in 2018. Good stuff" - Gary Walsh, 95 points   $89.95 per bottle

2017 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir  "Offering graceful power and immense complexity... It's elegant and sophisticated on the palate with exceptional depth and concentration, seamlessly structured by silky tannins, finishing impressively long and engaging" - Sam Kim, 98 points; "Really pristine fruit aromas here with such pure, ripe red cherries and roses, as well as gently earthy and spicy nuances. Very fresh, precisely ripe and a pinot you can sit and just breathe in for days. The palate has a velvety layer that few others manage to find; silky at the core, succulent in the center and delivering such vibrant, red-cherry flavors in a long, pristine and fresh, red-cherry finish" - Nick Stock, 98 points; "On day two: a glorious wine had blossomed, with a wonderful complexity of deep-set dark cherries, spices and dried herbs, adding up to a beguiling fragrance. The same flavours saturate the palate which is concentrated and profound, the tannins soft and ample, the persistence long. It all adds up to a prognosis of a long and rewarding life ahead" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; "A Kiwi classic that lives up to it s lofty reputation... Complex with a fine, tannic backbone balanced against restrained fruit sweetness" - Bob Campbell MW, 96 points; "Straight off, I like this vintage... Tight, gently sappy, savoury and autumnal, with a distinct earthy/mineral feel, a persistent fine rasp of kitten's tongue tannin, and a long sweet tangy orange and spice laced finish, firm stroke of tannin carrying it on. Well sophisticated. Yes" - Gary Walsh, 95 points   $95.00 per bottle

2015 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir  "Medium-full bodied, the palate features rich and succulently sweet flavours of dark-red cherry and berry fruits along with black fruits lifted by dark-red and violet florals and subtle notes of dark herbs. Suggestions of spice and oak emerge. The flavours are beautifully precise, detailed and harmoniously balanced, and the mouthfeel very supple and fine-textured with flowery tannin extraction. The acidity is integrated and provides vitality for the refined core and line. The wine flows seamlessly to a long and sustained, complete finish. This is a beautifully rich and multi layered and detailed Pinot Noir of precision and harmony, with succulently sweet fruit and refined structure, enabling accessibility, and showing completeness" - Raymond Chan, 19.5+ points out of 20   $100.00 per bottle

2014 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir  "Medium-full bodied, vibrantly succulent and lusciously sweet fruit flavours of dark red berry and cherry fruit are harmoniously melded with flavours of ripe dark plums and fragrant violet florals, dark herbs, spices and red liquorice. The flavours are seamlessly mouthfilling and supported by refined, flowery tannin extraction, and enlivened by poised acidity. This has drive, energy and fine linearity, and the wine carries to a very long and sustained, rich finish of spiced cherries and raspberry liqueur. This is a beautifully rich and succulent, elegantly balanced and refined Pinot Noir with seamless-flowing, ripe flavours of dark berry and cherry fruit with complexing floral and herbal detail" - Raymond Chan, 19.5 points out of 20; "Layers of silk and sap, mouth-perfume of roses and dried herbs, fine acidity and excellent length. Closes with a sappy/chicory bitterness that may polarise, but those who like a firm NZ tweak on the finish will take it with pinch of pleasure. Strong release from this great producer" - The Wine Front, 95 points  $104.00 per bottle

2013 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir  "Tension and vibrancy on the entry, with a compelling mid palate of fine layered tannins flowing through to a seamless, mineral quality on the finish. A masterpiece. Commanding and seductive pinot noir at its finest" - Nick Stock, 98/99 points; "Beautifully ripened dark red berry fruits and subtle, interwoven and harmonious complexing detail. Density, depth, brooding somewhat, with clear potential. Rich and plush on palate, with concentration. Layers of flavour built in, and unfolding slowly to reveal complex detail. Yet integrated and complete. Beautifully structured, and in total balance, and a fine acid and tannin line. Very long and succulent. Complete and immensely pleasing" - Raymond Chan, 19.5 points out of 20; "Exotic pot pourri - great scent. Immediately wonderful with stern, coiled textural feel chaperoned by stony tannins and driving long, energetically, and fluid, with crisp red fruit character and a dried herb/garrigue complexity. Finishes mouthwatering and with a lick of sweetness and spice. Pretty epic" - Mike Bennie, 95+ points; "One of the greatest of all New Zealand wines, this Martinborough red is powerfully built and concentrated, yet seductively fragrant and supple... Deep ruby, it has dense cherry, plum and spice flavours, woven with fresh acidity. A beautifully poised young wine, savoury and finely textured, it is crying out for more time" - Michael Cooper *****  $107.00 per bottle

2012 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir  "Succulent and concentrated, powerful but smooth as silk on the tongue. Great flesh and density, texturally superb, rich and smooth. Long aftertaste. It's not a delicate ethereal style, but generous and full of flavour and character. Very cellarworthy" - Huon Hooke, 96 points; "This is a quintessential Ata Rangi pinot that we know and love, exhibiting sensuality with seductive power... It's supremely elegant yet intense and persistent. The wine shows seamless mouthfeel and texture, within a frame of fine/firm tannins" - Sam Klim, 96 points; "On the palate deliciously juicy, sweet and lush with a broad spectrum of flavours from raspberry fruits, confectionary, complexing herbs and florals. The richness gives way to fine-grained, dry tannins, which lend a firm, underlying line. The wine has accessibility, and the fine textures lead to a vibrant, lively, dry finish. This is an elegant, accessibly, open-fruited Pinot Noir" - Raymond Chan, 18.5 points out of 20  $110.00 per bottle

2011 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir    "Elegant and quite complex with tight, powerful cherry/berry fruit flavours and an underlying sappy, savoury mineral character that lifts the wine. A classic Ata Rangi Pinot from a good year" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 98 points; "In the warm 2011 vintage, Ata Rangi shone... The definition of black cherries, blackberries and violets is exemplary, framed in a tightly-honed and well-defined structure, with a coiled spring of tannin tension and refined mineral definition. Notes of liquorice and coal make this an intense Ata Rangi, though lacking nothing in poise and magnificence" - Tyson Stelzer, 96 points; "Delicious palate flavour, and very good weight and structure. A very serious pinot that needs plenty of time to show its best. A highlight is its perfect ripeness, which gives great flavour." - Huon Hooke- 96 points; "Medium-bodied and elegantly concentrated, refined tannin extraction forms the core on palate with tightly bound, dark cherry fruit and violet and dark red floral perfumes providing a gentle sweetness and lusciousness. Fresh, bright, lacy acidity lends vitality and the wine carries to a graceful, lingering finish. This is a beautiful, elegant and balance wine with finesse and grace. A classical Ata Rangi wine" - Raymond Chan, 19.0 points out of 20; "This wine is intensely fragrant... In the mouth the pinot quality of the wine is superb, soft yet fresh even crisp red grading to black cherry, perfect oak shaping but in no way dominating the wine, and great length of fruit and flavour. The fruit lightens back to red-dominant in the aftertaste, which is very burgundian... we must celebrate this as great new world pinot noir. Is this the best Ata Rangi pinot noir yet?" - Geoff Kelly, 18.5+ points out of 20   $115.00 per bottle

2016 Bannockburn 1314 A.D. Pinot Noir    This the most interesting and complex pinot I've tasted for under $30. Dark cherry fruit, spice and sap combine to make-up a lip smacking pinot that is moreish and easy to drink; "You would be hard pressed to find a better value for money Pinot, the 1314 release is made in similar style to the Estate wine with definitive whole bunch character (20%), lip smakingly expressive fruit and oak treatment that you rarely find on a wine sub $30... The 1314 is still a well kept secret, it's worth hunting some down" - Winereviewer.com.au, 94 points; "Stylistically, this taps into the very best of the Bannockburn styles, with still the same sappy, ripe and very Pinoty nose. This is Geelong Pinot mate, and it smells unlike Burgundy (terroir at work). Importantly, this has a length of sappy, almost stewed (but not in an overripe sense) fruit, and some late bitterness for backbone. The stems are there, but so is that fruit too, in a not-delicate-but-delicious style. I've tasted a bit of Burgundy recently, and know that if you slipped this into a blind lineup of village level wines, it would smash many... Substantial wine for the dollars. Would I buy it? Yes" - Australian Wine Review, 93 points    $27.95 per bottle  

2005 Bannockburn Pinot Noir    "A delicious pinot" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 94 points *****; "Lovely length. Lovely fragrance... This will be beautiful in seven to ten years" - The Wine Front, 94 point; James Halliday - 94 points    $58.95 per bottle  

2018 Bass Phillip Crown Prince Pinot Noir    "A sultry style of pinot that has plenty of suave red-cherry and fresh-violet aromas. The palate has a very fleshy feel with supple flavors of red and dark cherries. A nice kick of juicy acidity livens up the finish" - Nick Stock, 92 points    $63.95 per bottle

2015 Bass Phillip Crown Prince Pinot Noir    "Light and fresh, all sappy, spicy and strawberried, with clean lines, ripe tomato acidity, and a playful lick of tannin. Good finish. Nervy and energetic. Like this." - Gary Walsh, 93 points; "The wine is light to medium-bodied and lively, and although it's not especially rich or structured, it is aerial and alive and really sings on the tongue. Very fresh acidity. A pretty wine." - Huon Hooke, 91 points   $72.95 per bottle

2018 Bass Phillip Estate Pinot Noir     "This has a strikingly complex, intense nose with a rich array of cherries and berries... The palate has a very rich, intense delivery of beautifully ripe red cherries, framed in fine yet sturdy tannins. Long, fresh and energetic finish" - Nick Stock, 94 points  $87.95 per bottle

2018 Bass Phillip Old Cellar Pinot Noir    A gem from the Maestro Phillip Jones at an affordable price. Evocative, complex and ethereal. Extraordinary value    $39.50 per bottle

2016 Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir    "The complexity of the bouquet presents itself the moment you pick up the glass, plum, blood plum and a decadent whiff of charcuterie, the palate laying it all out in a three-dimensional display that defies gravity. The dark corners of the forest reveal more and more each time you return-vinomasochism" - James Halliday, 97 points; "The palate is weightier and more concentrated than the Estate but still on the lighter, more ethereal side of this winery's style. There is richness and gravitas, fleshy density and good persistence. The whole-bunch aspects are discreet. The tannins lend it extra weight and gravitas" - Huon Hooke, 95 points; "For structure and length we're in business here. This really sets sail on the finish... This isn't a big pinot noir; it's all about the flourish. It should mature beautifully" - The Wine Front, 94 points    $285.00 per bottle

2018 Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir   "An ethereal nose here. This is a very complex and fragrant expression with a layered and detailed style that has abundant flowers, sappy forest wood, bacon fat, wild red cherries, pomegranate and already well-integrated oak. The palate has a very plush, long and lacy feel with very intense red-cherry flavor, bright acidity crunch and a sleek, long run to the finish. Energetic, yet measured, this is terrific pinot" - Nick Stock, 96 points   $950.00 per bottle

2016 Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir    "An extravagantly beautiful wine that floats across the senses making the Premium seem uncouth on the way past. Its perfume is no false dawn, its flavours drawn across the palate by silken threads that only come fully into play when you think about spitting the wine out, and refuse point blank to countenance that. Great pinot noir proves its ascendance over all other varietal wines by its peerless beauty of youth, of middle age, and of old age. I've sworn never to give a table wine 100 points, which this richly deserves" - James Halliday, 99 points; "It's the same in the mouth: very fine and subtle, intense and long, with terrific complexity: a really fine range of aromas. An elegant wine, this is a much lighter, finer, more ethereal, less-oaky and more Chambolle style of Bass Phillip Reserve, a major contrast to the whopping 2015. It's also more beautiful" - Huon Hooke, 97 points    $995.00 per bottle

2015 Bay of Fires Pinot Noir    "The vivid, deep crimson-purple hue is typical of Bay of Fires, and sets the antennae waving furiously. The transition from the bouquet to the palate is seamless and utterly coherent, with black cherry fruit peppered with spicy nuances, French oak doing its duty, but no more. Its future is gilt-edged, with a bare minimum span of 10 years" - James Halliday, 96 points; "The wine is full of ripe black cherry fruit, richness, sweetness and textural charm. Long finish too. Excellent, polished wine. (Chairman's Trophy, 2017 Tasmanian Wine Show)" - Huon Hooke, 96 points; "She's nailed this one. It's a pretty impressive pinot noir. It has that extra something... Sweet spices abound, tending into sweet woodsmoke and chicory, but the fruit sweeps these characters along; there's no naval gazing here, it's a pinot noir of movement and energy; as a wine it's a dancer not a writer. And yet complexity, it has plenty. You're on a sure thing here" - Campbell Mattinson, 94 points    $59.95 per bottle

2012 Bay of Fires Pinot Noir    "The 2012 Pinot Noir is an even better wine than the multiple trophy winning 2011 - Peter Dredge (winemaker); "There is no question about its varietal expression, and even less about the long-tern future of the wine; black cherry and Satsuma plum are woven through French oak, with firm, but ripe, tannins underwriting its future; will gain layers of complexity as it develops" - James Halliday, 96 points; "Cherry, Turkish delight, spice, meaty whole bunch funk, pepper. Medium bodied, spicy, meaty, plenty of ripe jubey fruit, silky feel yet firm through the mouth, pulling almost stalky and strict on the finish. Fine length. Complexity and interest. Likely to improve" - Gary Walsh, 94 points    $64.95 per bottle

2019 Bellvale Pinot Noir  "This Bellvale Pinot Noir 2019 is one of the best $25 Pinot Noir you'll find in Australia. Period. Crucially, this packs an intensity that isn't normally found in $25 Pinot. Maybe Shiraz, but not expensive-to-produce, fickle, cool climate Pinot... this Pinot is sappy, mulchy and deadly serious. Pinosity plus. It's mushroomy, spicy, the fruit clear and present, but the savoury form and tannins so unlike your typical light and fruity wine... You can pay double the price and get less wine" - Australian Wine Review, 92 points; "This is $25 well spent. I mean, really. It's not a profound wine but it's so inherently complex and just so good to drink. It's not a hearty Pinot Noir but it's a Pinot Noir with heart. Undergrowth, characteristically so. Fresh cherries. Sweet spices... It will obviously develop further from here but drink this now and you're winning" - Campbell Mattinson, 92 points; "Pinot noir is a speciality at Bellvale, and this latest example has delicious varietal purity. Red cherry, almond, and lightly twiggy herbal notes meet the nose, unfussed and appetising. It's middling in body with juicy balance, silky mouth-feel, persistent flavour, and just enough gentle tannin to enhance textural interest" - Ralph Kyte-Powell, 91 points   $26.95 per bottle

2018 Bellvale Pinot Noir     $27.95 per bottle

2017 Bellvale Pinot Noir  A GORGEOUS PINOT - MY FAVOURITE UNDER $30; "The flavours themselves have a lovely warmth theme. Warm spices, stewed berries, refreshing acidity and a burst of woodsy spice notes through the finish. It's complex but it's succulent and accessible. Truth is that it drinks like a charm. Value is self-evident" - Campbell Mattinson, 92 points; "As the old saying goes, you can either have good Pinot or cheap Pinot. But never both. Except for this Bellvale wine... and this red is far too good for $25, it's initially quite fragrant, despite the obvious ripenss, with meat and almost plum fruit - there's a density that I always see in the Bellvale wines" - Australian Wine Review, 92 points; "The palate has abundant fruit-sweetness and mellow developed flavours. There's a lot of very ripe black cherry flavour too, and the wine has an exotic, almost cherry-liqueur aspect as a result. Good intensity. A succulent pinot" - Huon Hooke - 91 points   $29.95 per bottle

2017 Bellvale The Quercus Pinot Noir  "Yes. We're in winning form here. It's pushed with fruit flavour but it's lively with cool climate tang/spice/savouriness. Roots, leaves, twigs and soil but flush with fresh fruit, ripe and summery. Both complex and straight-out enjoyable. Price is beyond reasonable" - Campbell Mattinson, 93+ points   $39.95 per bottle

2011 Bindi Composition Pinot Noir  "Magic nose - already expressive... Very subtle tannins, sappy finish. Great" - Jancis Robinson, 17.0+ points; "The palate is fresh, juicy, creamy and silky and the delicious red fruits are carried by fine tannins and balanced acidity" - Michael Dhillon   $57.95 per bottle

2010 Bindi Composition Pinot Noir    "Restrained and elegant... smooth, supple... it's juicy but also ethereal, spotlessly made and simply waiting its chance to flourish" - Jeremy Oliver's Top Picks Of 2011, 93 points; "Classic Bindi line, length and balance; a fragrant, scented bouquet, then red and black cherry fruit on the very long palate, the tannins superfine but reassuringly persistent" - James Halliday, 94 points; "I feel comfortable in saying this is an outstanding vintage for Bindi... The level of fragrant, Pinot purity is quite wonderful and is enhanced by spicy barrel nuances. The palate is lavish and textural to begin then has mineral drive and grippy tannins. It is a balanced, firm and long wine. There is a delicious combination of flavour, texture and structure" - Michael Dhillon     $59.95 per bottle

2019 Bindi Dixon Pinot Noir  "It's concentrated, deep and dense, with dark-fruit flavours and lashings of tannin. It's not as pinoty in a fragrant, perfumed way as usual for Aussie pinot, but more like a young Burgundy. Strong, solid tannins. An unusually muscular style of pinot for Bindi. It demands food and/or time" - Huon Hooke, 95 points; "I tried all four (new) pinot noir releases blind, initially, and Dixon was very, very impressive. Indeed, when I showed the wines to others, this was the one drunk the most, even with Block 5 in the mix. It invites you into a sense of gusto. It's a forward and obvious wine but inviting and delicious. Chock full of dark cherry, kirsch, bay leaf and anise, layered with light clove and cedar character and feeling proud, full and generous. It sits on the palate with generosity but freshness, slick texture, a fresh, minerally, cool finish with a roll of chompy tannin. It feels prouder and bolder than most Bindi wines, but it finds easy communion with pleasure" - Mike Bennie, 94 points; "There are layers of red and dark berries intermixed with spices, earth and flint. There are delicious floral and undergrowth nuances that rise with breathing. The palate is powerful and full with ripe, smooth tannins and gentle acidity keeping the fruit bright and the palate clean and balanced" - Michael Dhillon   $62.95 per bottle

2019 Bindi Original Vineyard Pinot Noir    "The bouquet is similarly profound, complex, mysterious, hard to describe it's so detailed... The palate is full and round, ample and fascinating in its detail and depth. It's very concentrated but also relaxed and effortless. More up-front than Block 5. A masterful pinot and a high-point for this wine" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; "The wine is very fruit-sweet in the mouth, rich and succulent, with volume and persistence. A generous, mouth-filling pinot of great charm. The tannins are very fine and silky-soft, neatly countering the almost luscious fruit. Everything is in its place. A masterpiece of harmony" - Huon Hooke, 97 points  $89.95 per bottle

2012 Bindi Original Vineyard Pinot Noir   "The fragrant, flowery cherry blossom aromas almost inevitably lead into a red cherry palate, its texture a silk brocade, satin underneath; the great length of its palate is built around its delicately etched spine of acidity, bringing notes of far-distant herbs and citrus rind into play" - James Halliday, 96 points   $99.95 per bottle

2011 Bindi Original Vineyard Pinot Noir    $86.95 per bottle

2003 Black Ridge Central Otago Pinot Noir      $39.95 per bottle

2016 Bream Creek Reserve Pinot Noir    "Exceptional colour; a best barrel selection from its '16 siblings, with more depth and intensity to its array of dark cherry fruits. A showcase of gold medals, six from Asian competitions, and three from reliable sources including Sydney and Melbourne" - James Halliday, 96 points; "An exceptional new-release reserve pinot noir from Fred Peacock and his team at Bream Creek... this intense pinot has picked up a swag of trophies and gold medals both domestically and overseas. It is a perfumed with with delightful balance, supple and graceful - like a ballerina. Serious fruit; excellent structure; layers of flavours" - Winsor Dobbin     $64.95 per bottle

2010 Bress Gold Chook Macedon Pinot Noir    "Elegantly poised, silky structured, fragrantly lifted, gorgeously perfumed and hauntingly persistent. It unites rose petals, red cherries, wild strawberries, dried herbs and exotic spice into a seamlessly flowing stream which rolls over a tannin bed of silky yet firm and assured structure" - Tyson Stelzer, 96 points     $44.95 per bottle

2018 By Farr Farrside Pinot Noir    "The palate is elegantly structured and yet firm, tremendously intense, taut as a bow-string, and magnificently balanced. This is a stunning pinot of a complex, bunchy style, already drinking well, with more held in reserve" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; "This wine oozes both quality and class. You're in the most skilled of hands here. Woodsmoke, assorted cherries, twiggy spice notes, flavour-infused acidity and fine-grained tannin. It's a truly beautiful wine" - James Halliday, 97 points & Top 100 Wines of 2021; "It's a stand-out wine... It's an autumnal wine, both twiggy and smoky, with undergrowth and red/black cherry flavours rushed along by lively acidity. The fine-but-firm strings of tannin, the complex flavour profile, the length and indeed the x-factor; all serve to elevate this wine's status" - Campbell Mattinson, 95+points     $85.00 per bottle

2016 By Farr Farrside Pinot Noir    "It's a scintillating wine and that's all that need be said. It's cut with acid, plump with fruit, spicy, svelte and silken. It's simultaneously tangy, plush and long. Some wines get a lot of mileage out of an inherent tension, and this is one such wine. It has the air under its rule; all the wine's components operate as though missteps are not tolerated. As a drinker, the effect is transfixing. It puts you at ease. It puts you on edge. You're in the presence of something extra and other and you can't but help sink in for more" - Campbell Mattinson, 96 points; "Here 40-50% of the grapes are destemmed, the remainder left as whole bunches, and this increases complexity with its foresty, gamey (in the good sense), spicy overlay to the black cherry and plum fruit. The outstanding feature of the wine is its weight, suspended by some magic just above the palate - you sense it rather than taste it" - James Halliday, 96 points     $95.00 per bottle

2015 By Farr Farrside Pinot Noir    "The palate is fruit-sweet and succulent, deliciously flavoured and lush, with softness and charm to burn. An utterly gorgeous wine. Long finish - real concentration. Balance and texture are its highlights" - Huon Hooke, 96 points; "Finesse to the max. Svelte, elegance, understated. Delicious, moreish fruit, spice and mineral flavours. Wonderful lingering flavours and aromas. Idiosyncratic in the best possible sense. This is an outstanding wine" - Mike Bennie, 95 points     $97.00 per bottle

2013 By Farr Farrside Pinot Noir    "This is a beauty. Seduction plus. Certified yum. Swish oak, spiced cherry-plum, exquisite integration of various savoury nuances and length to burn. It's rich and generous but firm and complex. Its smoky, slinky, satiny mouthfeel is to die for. For sheer top-end drinkability; it's sensational" - The Wine Front, 96 points; "Significantly more powerful and intense than its Farr Rising sibling. This is the big dog of the trio, with everything needed for a 20-year future" - James Halliday, 96 points     $105.00 per bottle

2012 By Farr Farrside Pinot Noir    "Here rich satsuma plum sets the pace for the bouquet and sumptuously layered palate; its length is prodigious, its balance impeccable, its purity shining like a beacon" - James Halliday, 98 points; "Stunning release of pinot noir ... This is beautiful. It's something of a watermark. It's spicy and lengthy and silken and complex. It's all that you'd want and hope pinot noir to be; and it will age... It has many facets yet it's also seamless. I kept thinking: there's lots of ashen, spicy, stalky notes here and yet they're so intricately woven. In short, it's stellar. It will be one of the star wines of the year" - Campbell Mattinson, 96 points; "It's quite full-bodied and highly structured on the palate... This is just a baby and needs time to blossom and display its full worth. It expands on the finish and has very good length. Lots of potential" - Huon Hooke, 94 points     $115.00 per bottle

2018 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir    "The wine is full-bodied and firmly structured, a serious pinot that will take many years in its stride and needs time to show its best. Power with finesse. A superb pinot" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; "What a truly, seriously good wine this is... Power. Personality. And presence... Undergrowth, tang, woodsmoke, sweet-meaty-spices, more length, more dry flavour-infused tannin, more dazzle, more substance, more than you could expect or beg to ask. I looked at this over the course of 24 hours and but the end my head was spinning. I love wine. I loved this wine. This frankly is what it's all about" - Campbell Mattinson, 97 points     $90.00 per bottle

2016 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir    "While the power of the wine is typical Farr, this vintage bestows a measure of linearity, a sinuous line to the palate that links and loops around the complex flavours of forest floor/spice and wild strawberry" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Wow. This wine is tight and sinewy and yet it has the might of the self-powered. Thus spoke Zarathustra. It's braided with herbs, stems, peppers, cedar, woodsmoke and cherry plum. It has the pull of certainty. Come with me, the wine says as it rests in the glass. Definitely. How high. At dawn we ride. Buy." Campbell Mattinson, 96 points; "The palate is medium to full-bodied and well-endowed with tannins. It's at the weightier end of Victorian pinot style, yet also graceful and has plenty of pinosity" - Huon Hooke, 94 points    $99.00 per bottle

2015 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir    "The palate is profound, powerful and concentrated, with a fleshy softness that is delicious. A lovely wine with a big future. Great structure and power. Magnificent now but cellar a year or two for best results" - Huon Hooke, 98 points; "Deeply coloured, depth and savoury complexity the cornerstones of great pinots. Spices from an Arabian bazaar intermingle sinuously with vibrant berry fruits, a skein of refreshing acidity adding another dimension to a wine that continuously draws saliva from the mouth. It is already a complete wine, its future measured in decades, not years" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Brilliant release from the Geelong stalwart... Evocative scents from the glass, takes you to butcher's shops and florists. Soft in the palate, spreads on sheets of fine tannin, mouthwatering acidity, spritely to finish. A quilt caught on the line in a southerly wind. Beautiful sweet-sour-savoury fruit flavours, pitch perfect spice and herbal nuance. Unreal feel here, so unique in its way. Savour it" - Mike Bennie, 95 points     $102.00 per bottle

2014 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir    "The bouquet exudes flowers (roses, violets), spices and a throbbing heartbeat of gently savoury dark fruits; the palate magically twists all these characters into a single silver-coated stream of red and blue fruits, the tannins no more than background haze, oak a slender frame. A gorgeous pinot of the highest category" - James Halliday, 97 points     $104.00 per bottle

2013 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir    "Another very different iteration of pinot, the multifaceted bouquet with both red and black fruits in play, the same perfumed vehicle as Farr Rising, the palate of remarkable elegance and finesse, with exactly the right balance between pure pinot fruit flavours and structure ex the whole bunches" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Twenty-ish year old vines. A healthy dose of whole bunches. Astute winemaking. One of the stars of Australian wine... fruit comes at you in waves: charcuterie, fistfuls of spice, sour cherries, earth and ash. It's quite a parade to step into. A river of nuance to be swept along by. I sat on this over the course of three days, more by accident than by intention, and it drank exquisitely throughout" - Campbell Mattinson, 96 points     $106.00 per bottle

2010 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir    "The palate's very dense and very long, great depth, beautiful freshness as it builds, pure red and dark cherry flavour, oak adds weight but serves rather than dominates. Experience shines through here once again" - Nick Stock, 97 points; "A dark and brooding wine... the palate is dense and dark, big boned and muscular, with ample fine-grained tannins and bright acidity giving life to the finish; needs time to fully integrate and reveal the truth within" - James Halliday, 94 points; "The palate shows its whole bunch card early; slippery, glossy acidity driving the fern-tinged purple fruit long through the palate. There is a prettiness here, not quite delicacy, but a lifted, spirited charge across palate that is at once chaotic and yet flavour bounces within confines of supple tannins. It's a wilder expression here, but very attractive. Journey along with the wine" - The Wine Front, 94 points     $115.00 per bottle

2017 Cannibal Creek Pinot Noir       Fine and supple with wonderful balance and sructure. Deceptively powerful, with ripe cherry fruit flooding the elegant palate that finishes with clean fresh acidity    $32.50 per bottle

2017 Chartley Estate Pinot Noir       Elegance, finesse and oodles of tangy red fruit and spice make this a wonderful pinot noir to serve with food. Will develop magnificently in the cellar; "A very pretty, aromatic, whole-bunchy bouquet... Light-bodied, easygoing texture. Complex, delicious pinot" - Huon Hooke, 95 points    $36.95 per bottle

2019 Coldstream Hills Deer Farm Vineyard Pinot Noir   "It's a firm, confident release, briary in part, undergrowthy in others, with sweet acidity and smoky length. Complex it most certainly is. Will mature well" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points; "The palate is intense and firm, bright and tautly tensioned, the tannins on the firm side but it's just a babe and will soften given time. Good length and a juicy core. A smart pinot with potential" - Huon Hooke, 94 points    $49.95 per bottle

2017 Coldstream Hills Deer Farm Vineyard Pinot Noir   "Length is the order of the day. This is a wine of structural integrity first and foremost though crackles of wood spice, smoke and leaf matter make sure that the sweet-sour nature of the cherried fruit is complex. Everywhere you look here you see absolute signs of quality. It's bright, brooding, savoury and sweet at once; it offers both tang and velvet. A glittering star of a wine" - James Halliday, 97 points; "A superb bouquet recalling strawberry, spices, cranberry and raspberry, lifted and complex. It's light to medium-bodied and intense, with delicious flavour, fresh and fragrant. Great fruit intensity and purity. An outstanding pinot" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; Gourmet Traveller Wine - 97 points    $57.95 per bottle

2012 Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir   "Very pure and tense across the palate, finishes with almost the pucker of sourness, but it's not, it's just hewn to a rapier-point with succulent acidity. Smooth, flowing, light to medium bodied feel with graphite minerality laid under bright fruit flavours. Not for the hedonists as is, but for those seeking architecture in their drinking now and across some time" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 93+ points    $32.95 per bottle

2018 Coombe Farm Estate Yarra Valley Pinot Noir   A lovely succulent, medium bodied pinot noir full of sweet, spicy strawberry and cherry fruits. The finish is long and clean, inexorably drawing the taster back for another sip    $29.95 per bottle

2017 Craggy Range Te Muna Road Vineyard Pinot Noir      "The 2017 is a dream, I gave this a mark of 98 in a recent tasting of New World Single Vineyard Pinots for Decanter Magazine. The balance between savoury and luscious fruit with perfect acidity, gives a near perfect silky Pinot" - Decanter Magazine(UK), 98 points   $44.95 per bottle

2018 Curly Flat Pinot Noir    "Fine, elegant and fragrant cherry and pomegranate fruit. Overall balance and length are very good. QED" - James Halliday, 96 points; "A complete and complex example of what can be produced from the coldest region in mainland Australia... Medium bodied with a tannin structure that delivers waves of texture and combines fruit with earthen spice. The finish has impressive concentration and length to burn. A classic curly flat that will live for decades" - Patrick Eckel, 96 points; "It's from an excellent vintage, one according to Harrop that delivered a 'near perfect expression' of site. There's whole bunch and skin contact at play here as well as wild yeasts but, really, it all adds up to a delightfully complex wine which is important to remember because this is a bare youngster... The wine glides across the tongue leaving an impression that is both sweet-fruited, studded with lively red cherries, and don't you just love that touch of pepper to close. Cool climate pinot to the very end" - Jeni Port, 95 points; "Another superb Curly Flat Pinot Noir... To taste, dark fruits are flanked by five spice plus char and vanilla. There's good volume here to engage with as levels of pleasure keep whispering to you. Soft through the mouth yet there's a firm thrust of power late, super fine tannins seal up a neat parcel of goodness - a wine hard to fault" - Q Wine, 95 points; "It's generous in style, but keeps itself trim. I'm particularly tickled by the quality of tannin here. Excellent" - Gary Walsh, 95 points; "It's a generous Curly Flat Pinot, with quintessential red fruit through nose and palate. Tannic too. It's a step up wine, a 'let's get serious about Pinot Noir' release, of compelling grip and power plus prettiness. Good. Better than good, it's excellent Pinot" - Australian Wine Review, 94 points; "The wine is medium to full-bodied and well-concentrated, with an excellent tannin backbone that would enable it to partner hearty foods. A gutsy, structured wine" - Huon Hooke, 94 points    $52.95 per bottle

2018 Curly Flat Pinot Noir (375ml)     $29.95 per bottle

2016 Curly Flat Pinot Noir    "Close behind came the Curly Flat, grown and made with the intricacy and precision that has always marked this Macedon Ranges vineyard... Glorious bouquet with a riot of spices, red fruits and forest notes; the palate has exceptional structure - the fruit/oak/tannin trilogy is perfect" - James Halliday, 96 points; "What a wine it is. A polished gem from top to toe, it flows seamlessly from the first whiff to a long lingering finish. Oozing class and charisma, fruit and oak are perfectly handled delivering a wine of opulence and respectability. Dark cherry fruit sits at the wheel with apricot kernel, plums, twiggy and forest floor characteristics synonymous with the variety dripping through its pores. There's a tension evident which time will slowly release, but there's a generosity too. Pour and sip slowly - a wine which ensures that time is irrelevant" - Steve Leszczinski, 95 points; "A lovely, generous example of Macedon Pinot Noir... a really enjoyable drink - there's a real sense of fullness, the warm year filling out the palate. A bigger wine in context, but not to the point of excess. Nice wine" - Andrew Graham, 94 points; "There's volume and power to the mid palate but the characterisation is found moreso in the wine's spicy, autumnal highlights - combined with trademark velvety texture. Undergrowth; a little. Oak; yes, but more texture than flavour. It's a cerebral release; its best days are ahead of it" - The Wine Front, 93+ points    $58.95 per bottle

2015 Curly Flat Pinot Noir    "It's the sternest, crunchiest, most brooding Curly Flat Pinot Noir I can recall. It's routinely a wine of heft, and cellarworthinecs, but this release is a rock. Tannin, acid, fruit and oak all combine to powerful effect. It's simultaneously slippery smooth, creamy in fact, and surly; it's like an approaching cold front: beautiful, intense, intimidating" - The Wine Front, 95 points"    $60.95 per bottle

2014 Curly Flat Pinot Noir    "A pinot noir lit by a satin sheen of red berry fruits splayed across the mouth by juicy acidity and impeccably wrought tannins. Growing darker of fruit and broader of mid-drift as it opens, a lick of briar, wood smoke and truffle imbue a carnal edge to a shimmering, mellifluous finish. Delicious out of the gates, this pinot is a svelte, sumptuous glide across the senses" - James Halliday, 97 points; "There's plenty of richness here. Plenty of flow. And yet it's varietal, fragrant, complex and savoury-slanted. We're onto a good thing here... Mouthfeel is satiny; length is assured. Not a hair out of place. And plenty of excitement factor" - The Wine Front, 95 points"    $66.95 per bottle

2013 Curly Flat Pinot Noir    "We're in good form here. The power, the delicacy, the yin, the yang. Slippery, satiny mouthfeel, loads of spice, sweet-sour cherries, cream, cranberry, a carousel of savoury flavour, and tannin, twirling through the finish. Really very good" - The Wine Front, 95 points; "The colour is great, the palate abuzz with energy and activity; red fruits, complex tannins, good acidity and obvious French oak all compete for front of stage, but it's a case of one in, all in. In the longer term, fruit will become the major player" - James Halliday, 95 points"    $64.95 per bottle

2012 Curly Flat Pinot Noir    "The fragrant bouquet leads into a supple, full-flavoured (cherry/plum/ spice) palate with immaculate length and balance. Will stand tall against its forebears" - James Halliday, 96 points; "An outstanding release from Curly Flat. Silken, highly aromatic, has fruit depth and yet it's light on its feet, racy almost, and correspondingly lengthy. This is a Curly Flat Pinot Noir for the true believers. Fleshy, succulent, deep, smooth and spicy. A standout" - The Wine Front, 95 points; "Quite complex and inviting. A delicious wine with lots of fruit sweetness and charm. Clean and fragrant, light to medium-bodied, but intense and stylish... Totally yum" - Huon Hooke, 95 points; The 2012 Curly Flat pinot noir was awarded the highest individual score (95+ points) of 71 Australian pinot noirs submitted for peer review; "We have an amazingly lingering Pinot that delivers a long, seductive palate, gentle and reserved. A very fine wine which will age gracefully. Fantastic; oozes class" - Roger Jones, Decanter - 19.0 points out of 20; "Alluring perfume: shy and interesting. Complex poached strawberry and cranberry palate laced with fennel and five spice. Delicate and harmonious, unfolding gradually with a building presence. Lovely, beautiful, elegant wine. Truly ethereal" - Justin Knock MW, Decanter - 19.0 points out of 20; "Super-juicy fresh succulence, elegance and weight with real finesse behind the tannins" - Anthony Rose, Decanter - 18.5 points out of 20"    $74.95 per bottle

2017 Dalrymple Pinot Noir    "The fruit is pure and strong. This is a muscular pinot noir with plum and anise notes bursting through dry spice and wood smoke. The tannin here has the crackle of quality to it, as indeed does the fruit. It has every muscle flexed right now but it'll be better once it's had time to ease off and settle into itself" - James Halliday, 94 points; "It's firm, powerful and insistent. It's imposing, and impressive" - Campbell Mattinson, 94 points; "Juicy, slippery textured pinot of cherry fruit... and a general sense of precision across the palate. It's a fine example, very fresh, touched by slender tannin and drawn long to a point. Very lovely drinking" - Mike Bennie, 92 points    $34.95 per bottle

2019 De Bortoli Yarra Valley Villages Pinot Noir     $18.50 per bottle

2018 Dexter Pinot Noir     An absolutely outstanding pinot noir from the pinot maestro in 2018 - perhaps even as good as the superlative 2017 vintage. Powerful and flavoursome, but gentle and elegant to boot; exceptionally long on the palate; destined to be one of the best pinot noirs to come out of Mornington Peninsula; "The perfumed blossom scents of the bouquet are signals not to be missed... The wine builds progressively as it journeys through the mouth to the lifted finish" - James Halliday, 95 points; "Vintage conditions add tone and contrast, but Dexter Pinot always tastes like Dexter Pinot. The site is strong with this one... Delicate and pretty as ever, with a fine dusting of emery tannin, mouth-perfume and red fruits, fresh plum, a slight warmth this vintage, but it's not intrusive, and the finish is clean and long. Lovely lovely" - The Wine Front, 94 points   $49.95 per bottle

2017 Dexter Pinot Noir     "Wastes no time in laying siege with its fruit bouquet and (in particular) palate. It's hard to decide whether it's the dark berry (black cherry and blackberry) or the savoury texture and length that are the best points of a truly outstanding pinot" - James Halliday, 97 points; "A superbly fresh, fragrant cherry aroma, with background spices and dried herb traces. Very intense, vibrant and precise. An outstanding young pinot destined for a long and distinguished life" - Huon Hooke, 96 points; "It's loaded with cherry juice and pomegranate fruit scents and flavours, it offers a sprinkle of herb n spice to taste. It's exceptionally long in flavour too. Indeed, it's a beautiful wine when you take stock of it all, and best of all, drinkability is high. A really lovely expression once more" - Mike Bennie - 94 points   $54.95 per bottle

2017 Domaine A Stoney Vineyard Pinot Noir  A beautiful expression of Tasmanian pinot noir matured in seasoned French oak barriques for 18 months. Perfumed, long and juicy, the palate combines power, elegance, depth and length. Will age magnificently.  $37.95 per bottle

2018 Eddystone Point Pinot Noir     A Gold Medal winner in the 2019 & 2018 Pinot Noir class at the 2019 National Wine Show of Australia - 95 points; "Gentle and softly fruited palate, the texture and lingering astringency providing the balance and structure for now and future development" - Steven Creber (Halliday Wine Companion), 95 points   $32.95 per bottle

2015 Felton Road Block 5 Pinot Noir    $165.00 per bottle

2014 Felton Road Block 5 Pinot Noir  "Tightly-coiled and impeccably structured, this is a Block 5 of graceful endurance and intricately packaged complexity. Red and black cherry and berry fruits are seamlessly woven with exotic spice and understated violet nuances, supported by silky tannins and well-integrated acidity. An enticing Block 5 with great potential" - Tyson Stelzer, 97 points & Top 20 Wines over $100; "This has a bold, voluminous, aromatic nose with red fruits, subtle herbal and whole bunch aromas, all quite in context and balance, lovely floral detail and emerging undergrowth complexities. Rich and lush on palate, the red fruit flavours are sweet and juicy. Bright acidity lifts the fruitiness and enlivens the mouthfeel. This is supple and elegant with its richness. Quite exuberant for its relatively stylish and elegant size" - Raymond Chan, 19.5- points out of 20; "A little reticent and broody at this youthful stage, with faint notes of pomegranate, red cherries and raspberry leaves plus a touch of forest floor. Light to medium-bodied, it offers restrained red berry, floral and earth laced flavors with very finely grainy, silky tannins and lovely freshness, finishing with great length" - Lisa Perrotti-Brown, The Wine Advocate, 93+ points  $165.00 per bottle

2019 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir  "Attractive aroma with floral and berry notes that repeat on the palate and are joined by ripe stems, dried herb and spicy oak flavours. Quite a firmly-structured pinot with peppery tannins and obvious cellaring potential. Good intensity and a lingering finish. A distinctive wine with a character all of its own" - Bob Campbell MW, 96 points; "This is at a level way above its Bannockburn 'village'designation, being a blend of our four primely situated vineyards. A serious wine with considerable definition and poise" - Winery Notes   $80.00 per bottle

2015 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir  "Light pinot noir but certainly not lacking in intensity or power. Cherry, violet and spice flavours with a savoury, herbal edge. A complex wine, with layers of subtle flavours" - Bob Campbell MW, 95 points; "Ripe choc-cherry, mocha scents, whiffs of black olive, truffle, warm sauna cedar. Mellow fragrance vibes. Sweet fruit, supple texture, good length, nice staining of palate. Feels pure in fruit flavour, just kissed with fancy oak spice, good length, nice, neat finish. Ticks many boxes. Has a luxurious feel. In the recliner" - Mike Bennie, 93 points    $95.00 per bottle

2014 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir  "It is clear from the very first sip that 2014 is a very successful vintage for Felton Road... typically smooth, flavour-packed and yet tender already on the palate" - Matthew Jukes, 19+ points out of 20; "Magnificent, inimitable, characterful and joyful, this is a pinot noir that seamlessly and effortlessly harmonises the black and red cherries of Central Otago, the exotic spice of whole bunch and the finely mineral mouth feel of Felton Road, lacing them all together with the masterful touch of Blair Walter. It's wonderfully pure, impeccably fresh, enticingly complex and magnificently alluring" - Tyson Stelzer, 96 points & Top 20 Wines over $70; "Full, deep and dense, this has weight and mouthfilling presence. Dark-red fruits prevail with herb and stalk interest. The mouthfeel is supple, but reveals a firm core with fresh, lacy acidity. This has a long finish with undergrowth nuances to the fruit. There is plenty of wine here" - Raymond Chan, 18.5+ points out of 20; "The palate has a deep lingering intensity with power and finesse. This is a classy wine of great poise and expression" - Ray Jordan, 96 points $95.00 per bottle

2012 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir  "This super-classy "entry level" wine outguns many flagship labels from other producers... Berry/cherry and floral flavours against a background of savoury/earthy/spicy characters giving extra complexity. Firmly structured Pinot Noir that, though still quite approachable, shows good cellaring potential" - Bob Campbell MW, 95 points; "Felton Road's 20-year-old vines are among Central Otago's oldest. This elegant young pinot makes the best of them. Plum and dark cherry fruit, forest, cedar and spicy complexities mark a silky, intense, gentle wine of perfect balance" - Good Food, 95 points; "Deep and intense black and red fruits, bright, lifted and aromatic, distinctly primary with plenty of floral detail. Very sweet-fruited, dark red berry and cherry, aromatic and luscious, the palate possessing bright and vibrant acidity and very refined tannins. The vitality a feature" - Raymond Chan, 19.0 points out of 20 *****; "This is a deep and dusky wine, yet to develop full florality. The style is close to the beautiful 2010, a warm dark red rose and aromatic boronia floral lift, cherries more black than red, total Cote de Nuits. Flavours in mouth again bespeak its youth, with the cherry fruit and oak still to knit, close to the Kusuda in that component. This is the pick of the last three years" - Geoff Kelly, 18.5 points out of 20 *****; "The palate is big and bold, with super-ripe fruit flavours tending to predominant black cherry, and a big, tannin-gripped finish. A big, bold, super-ripe, deeply coloured but not very subtle, typical Central Otago style. It will reward cellaring" - Huon Hooke, 93 points  $95.00 per bottle

2008 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir  "Silken-textured with good concentration delivered with supreme elegance. This is so good now it's hard to justify bothering with bottle age" - Bob Campbell MW, 96 points; "Another benchmark Felton Road Pinot" - Tyson Stelzer, 95 points; "Full, fresh, ripe and plummy... Classic Central Otago vibrancy of fruit" - Raymond Chan, 19.0+ points; "Finely detailed, expressive Pinot" - Decanter.com - Ten Best New Zealand Wines; "It has fantastic 'pinosity'" - Blair Walter, Winemaker  $100.00 per bottle

2007 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir  "A classic example of the Felton Road style " - Bob Campbell MW, 96 points *****; "It fizzles with magic that delivers everything you would wish of it" - Matthew Jukes; "This is one of the most satisfying standard Felton pinots yet, a reference wine for the vintage... VALUE" - Geoff Kelly ***** (18.5 points); Wine Spectator - 91 points [90-94: Outstanding]  $100.00 per bottle

2006 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir   "Absolutely benchmark Central Otago" - Gourmet Traveller Wine ***** 95 points; "... great development potential" - James Halliday, 94 points; "Concentrated, weighty wine" - Bob Campbell MW, 94 points *****; "Is a knockout" - Max Allen; Andrew Caillard MW - 94 points; "... very smart" - Sue Courtney; The Lawrason E-Report - 93 points    $100.00 per bottle

2015 Gembrook Hill Pinot Noir    "Intense, tight, concentrated palate, which is distinguished by very fine and very long flavour. Sweet fruit, but it's graceful and delicious. A beautiful wine which got better and better the longer it was in the glass" - Huon Hooke, 97 points; "This is a wine of exquisite purity that has instant appeal for those who understand pinot noir, whether from Australia or Burgundy. It's ready now, and the changes of age will be slow and beneficial for 10 years or more" - James Halliday, 95 points    $64.95 per bottle   

2019 Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Pinot Noir    WINNER OF THE TROPHY FOR THE BEST PINOT NOIR OF SHOW - 2020 YARRA VALLEY WINE SHOW; "This wine shouts Applejack from the rooftops: it's perfumed, elegant and relatively light-bodied, but with a fireworks display of red fruits and complex, savoury tannins" - James Halliday, 98 points & Special Value Wine; "This is a stunning Pinot Noir, it is pretty, structural and has a purity of fruit that is met in equal measure by subtle savoury texture from whole bunches and the delicate spice that comes from new French oak. The palate builds beautifully with a meld of red and black cherry; undergrowth, rhubarb and finely tuned acidity define the mid palate with the complex and long finish a layered expression of fruit and gentle spice. A benchmark example of Australian Pinot Noir" - Patrick Eckel, 97 points; "The palate has impressive density with focus. The spiced blueberry flavors are intense, fresh and long and there's such vibrant acidity sustaining the long finish" Nick Stock, 96 points; "Very rich and ripe, almost opulent flavour with charming fruit sweetness and a succulent core. A delicious wine" - Huon Hooke, 95 points  $57.95 per bottle   

2017 Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Pinot Noir    "It is a wine of exquisite purity and detail in its texture, and as befits a pinot of this quality, the palate is very long, the peacock's tail opening on the finish" - James Halliday, 98 points & Special Value Wine; "Acid driven, light and fragrant style, has that sense of sleekness from fine pinot tannins yet is tightly wound, coiled and precise as it rolls through the palate... Balanced, lithe, very finely wrought. Such elegance, and, importantly, incredible sense of energy in the wine. Now we can use the word outstanding" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 96+ points     $62.95 per bottle   

2015 Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Pinot Noir    "Significantly deeper colour than prior vintages, likewise depth of fruit; the bouquet and palate are driven by black and red cherry fruit of exceptional generosity but with an unusual touch of dark chocolate. Small wonder Giant Steps says this is its best vintage yet" - James Halliday, 97 points; "The palate is awash and ablaze, bright and lively, shows a flighty sheet of tannin that drapes across the mouth then starts to tug like a fist closing on silk. The finish is pulled tight with that fine tannin, caraway seed spice, light herbal notes. It's beautiful, wonderful drinking, so gluggable, so complex in its nature and presentation, so much to enjoy" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 96 points     $67.95 per bottle   

2015 Giant Steps Lusatia Park Vineyard Pinot Noir    "Superb colour; the ultra-fragrant/scented bouquet is picked up unceremoniously by the brilliant palate and dispatched to the boundary. Takes the concept of elegant generosity to another level with more movement in the chorus of red fruit flavours than you might think possible. Combines elegance with spicy, savoury intensity" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Of the Giant Steps 2015 single vineyard pinot noirs this feels like the one with a touch more grunt, a little wild streak, sniffs of ferrous things in dark cherry, kirsch, briar. Deeply flavoured and then as the finish starts it kicks in with another burst of bright fruit - it's like the wine is bucking in the palate, yet set on impossibly supple curves. Floods the palate with cherry fruit, spice, herb, pomegranate acidity and barely there tannin. Unreal wine. Unreal" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 96 points     $67.95 per bottle   

2015 Giant Steps Primavera Vineyard Pinot Noir    "Another take on this great vintage, with savoury, spicy aromas and flavours surging over the bouquet and palate alike, putting whole bunch fermentation up in giant neon letters. The tangy, herbal, forest floor characters will always be the raison d'etre of the wine, and I hope I'm around to see how this evolves over time" - James Halliday, 96 points; "This wine is 100% whole bunch too; and it's formative in this wine. It's what I called 'the most captivating' wine... Haunting perfume of undergrowth, decaying flowers, pot pourri, rose water, pickled cherries, pepper, earth. It's elemental, guttural and wild to inhale. The palate has a swirl of dark cherry fruitiness, but again, savoury, earthy, briary character takes over. It crackles and swerves in the palate - there's juiciness but its ribbed with tannin and feels alive with crisp acidity. Long, so long, untamed, unkempt, but beautiful in its sweeping expression. Stains the glass with primal, sexual scent. A broad rugged landscape painted in detail. It's unbelievably good wine and will mature so, so intriguingly and well" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 96 points     $67.95 per bottle   

2017 Giant Steps Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir    "The bouquet is subdued but fresh, clean and brightly-fruited, with red and darker cherry aromas, the palate copying these precisely and adding a fine layer of soft tannins, the whole entity in impeccable balance. Delicious wine, rich and fruit-sweet, with a finish cleansed by ample supple tannins" - Huon Hooke, 95 points; "Sets itself off on a darker, fuller path for pinot. Plush in the palate, dark chocolate and amaro, red berries, fine bitterness to finish with a smudge more bitter-dark chocolate. Mouthwatering, hunger-setting stuff. Fuller figured here. Breathy even. Nice though. Real nice. The 'generous one'" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 95 points    $62.95 per bottle   

2015 Giant Steps Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir    "Here, generosity takes the stage with richness and tannins woven into the superabundant red and black fruits by invisible mending. A brilliant wine by whatever standards you may choose" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Superb. Such volume of perfume too. Palate has an almost tactile white pepper dusting, feathery and suede tannins build that tactile feel, the wine draws long on an sleek elastic band of juicy, bright cherry fruit, that spice, glossy acidity. It sits in palate even, fine, long, restrained, finessed. Cashmere on the tongue. Far out" - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 96 points     $67.95 per bottle   

2017 Giant Steps Yarra Valley Pinot Noir    "The intensity of the aromas and flavours unfolding with the first sip stop you in your tracks. The whole bunch component is evident, but not dominant, simply one of many factors in shaping the flavour and texture of this lovely wine" - James Halliday - 97 points; "Nice wine: deliciously pinoty and fruity, oak taking a back-seat, and tannins well moderated. Sweet red fruits fill the palate. A young but very stylish pinot. Extreme value" - Huon Hooke, 93 points    $39.95 per bottle   

2012 Greystone Waipara Pinot Noir    BEST NEW ZEALAND PINOT NOIR; "Opulent and powerful" - Judges at 2013 Air New Zealand Wine Awards; 2013 - Air New Zealand Wine Awards; "Silken-textured pinot noir with dark cherry, black-fleshed plum, subtle spice and nutty oak flavours. Elegant, ethereal wine showing surprising power and length. Distinctive and appealing" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 96 points; "Medium-full bodied, well-concentrated flavours of red and black fruits unfold layers of complex savoury dark herb and earthy nuances entwined with sweet aromatic floral notes. The mouthfeel shows a dense core that unfolds smoothly with a seamless flow, and the palate is supported by fine-grained, supple tannin extraction. The richness and fruit sweetness is enlivened by fine acidity, and the flavours lead to a very long, sustained finish of savoury dark berry fruits. This is a richly concentrated, complex-nuanced, seamless Pinot Noir" - Raymond Chan, 19.0 points out of 20; "This is the wine that was awarded the Trophy for best pinot noir in last year's Air NZ judging - a correctly awarded Trophy if ever there was one... Bouquet epitomises what the grape variety pinot noir is all about, sweet haunting even caressing florals touching on violets, roses and boronia, then clear cherry fruit and gentle near-invisible oak. Palate emphasises the caressing thought, soft, velvety, seductive even... The fruit ripeness is pinpoint, red grading to black cherry with attractive acid balance. Total style is unarguably Cote de Nuits, and this wine is a real charmer. It is so rich that the fruit sweetness continues right through to the tail, and the wine thus seems sweet to the finish... in both practical terms and classical European analysis terms this Greystone is for the moment the definitive New Zealand pinot noir" - Geoff Kelly, 18.5+ points out of 20; "Wonderfully attractive aromatics - fruity yet funky in an exciting and evocative way. Full bodied and creamy with black cherries and rose petals underpinned by a deep earthy savouriness and tannins that are remarkably silky and fine. Such a gorgeous texture to this wine" - Sue Courtney, www.wineoftheweek.com    $42.95 per bottle   

2011 Greystone Waipara Pinot Noir    "Pure, mouth-watering wine with bright, fresh and moderately intense flavours. Supple wine that delivers surprising power with pleasing subtelty" - Bob Campbell MW, 91 points; "If you haven't been introduced to the charms of Waipara Pinot Noir then this is an excellent wine to kick off with. Savoury and seductive. Jump in" - Wine Orbit, 91 points; "This is a wine to sip and contemplate. The flavours are restrained - Christmas cake-like fruit notes and attractive oak-derived mocha are set against a backdrop of velvety tannins" - Cuisine Magazine ****    $36.95 per bottle   

2018 Handpicked Collection Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir   A worthy winner of the Trophy for the BEST MORNINGTON PENINSULA PINOT NOIR at the 2019 Australian Pinot Noir Challenge, which attracted more than 200 entries from around Australia. It scored 95 points and was awarded a Gold medal, the same score as the ultimate winner of the Challenge; "Fecund strawberry notes careen along gently fibrous tannins, expansive and spindly. Acidity, palpably natural. Lovely structure and density to this. Light years ahead of the Yarra Collection. A richly tapestried pinot" - Ned Goodwin (Halliday Wine Companion), 95 points; "Palate-weight and drive is certainly on the fuller end of the spectrum, dark cherries abound with some wood spices adding layers. Quite richly-textured" - The Real Review, 95 points   $49.95 per bottle

2018 Handpicked Collection Tasmanian Pinot Noir   Winner of three Trophies at the 2019 Royal Hobert Wine Show, including the TROPHY FOR BEST PINOT NOIR - the holy grail of trophies for a pinot producer; "It has a lovely glide on the palate - a tease of fruit sweetness tapers into a bright red berry acidity. Its ageing potential far greater than its softness implies. Simply delicious" - Nick Butler, 96 points; "Fantastic pinot noir. Straight through the centre. Take a look at this. Quality fruit, quality tannin, complex and sustained. A pinot noir with presence. Twiggy and smoky with beet, earth and red berries putting their shoulder to it. This is something" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points   $49.95 per bottle

2018 Handpicked Regional Selections Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir   Outstanding value here from this really attractive, juicy, powerfully fruited pinot noir. Has blossomed in the bottle over the last year, as a lot of pinots do. The intensity and freshness of the fruit are exceptional for a pinot noir of this price, the finish long and convincing; "Bit of spark here... it's made or intended to be an easy/early drinker but this throws woodsy spice and tart acidity into the fray, and successfully so. Strawberries, cranberries and all those twiggy, smoky spice notes. It's slight but it works well. Highly varietal" - Campbell Mattinson, 91 points   $24.95 per bottle

2012 Helen's Hill Estate Single Vineyard Pinot Noir   "It is packed with luxurious dark cherry and plum fruit running in an unbroken stream through the bouquet, palate, finish and aftertaste. Exceptional pinot noir" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Proprietor Allan Nalder is, and I think rightfully, excited by the contribution his Pommard clones are making to Helen's Hill Pinot Noir... Medium weight, plums and cherries, good acid cut and attack with fine but firm powdery tannin framing up the wine beautifully. Muscular and intense, but not without charm. Long finish. Ooomph and chutzpah. Carries it off with style" - The Wine Front, 93 points   $34.95 per bottle

2010 Helen's Hill Estate Single Vineyard Pinot Noir    "... the lovely feminine feel of the Helen's Hill... Loved by the Panel for its subtleness and texture. Ripe, floral and fruit driven with a bright strawberry fruit core on the mid palate, plush and juicy on the back palate. Beautifully balanced with fine tannins and divine smoky oak, superb length and brightness" - Wine Selectors Tasting Panel & Bill Downie - Ranked 2nd out of 59 pinot noirs; "Estate-grown MV6, 113 and 114 clone grapes have come together in a top vintage to provide a pinot that has both depth and length to its display of dark plum and cherry fruit, French oak having its say, as do fine tannins - all in tune with each other" - James Halliday, 94 points   $34.95 per bottle

2019 Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Pinot Noir    "Lot's of grip and oomph, though not heavy. Spice and perfume bobs up on a firm long finish. Needs a bit of extra time this vintage" - The Wine Front, 95 points   $52.95 per bottle

2017 Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Pinot Noir    "The perfumed bouquet has spice, hints of violets (unexpected so soon, but don't complain), cherry and plum, a gathering replayed on the stage of the palate which is wonderfully long" - James Halliday, 97 points & Top 100 Wines for 2018; "It's a light, elegant wine, sinewy is the word, though it has the kind of insistence that would win it an election. This is a peacock's tail of a wine if there ever was one, all the forces marshalled in order through the mainstay off the palate before launching the real and decisive attack through the finish. Drinking it is like watching the launch of a satellite, to keep the metaphors rolling; you count down through the palate and then watch it boom. Let's just say, it has cashed in on the excellence of the vintage, and is remarkable both for its quality and for its value" - The Wine Front, 96 points   $59.95 per bottle

2015 Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Pinot Noir    "The bouquet is gloriously fragrant and flowery, the red and blue fruits immediately picked up by the palate which then moves on with its vibrant spicy whole bunch notes adding more layers to its seemingly endless finish" - James Halliday, 97 points & Special Value Wine; "This has clarity, precision and fairly glides through the palate. Red cherry, raspberry, dried roses, fine spicy biscuitty oak, clean earthiness, and almost a liquorice root succulence too, but throughout its signature is restraint and subdued power. Ultra-fine tannin shapes the wine surely like the firm stroke of an emery board, the acidity so pure and clean, and the finish long, crisply ironed and perfumed" - The Wine Front, 96+ points; "The wine is rich and fruit-sweet, ripe and concentrated with generous black cherry flavours, which are not that detailed as yet. It needs time to show its best, and has great potential" - Huon Hooke, 96 points   $64.95 per bottle

2014 Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Pinot Noir    "Stylish and convincing, red and purple fruits on the bouquet taking immediate control of the vibrant palate which swirls around the tip of the tongue, building layers as it progresses through to the tangy, lively finish. The whole bunch tannins are the touchstone of the wine" - James Halliday, 96 points; "You'd rarely go wrong with Hoddles 1er wines... Cherries and raspberries, sap and spice, certainly has an autumnal lilt with humus and a gentle smokiness, and oak adds a layer of cinnamon and vanilla perfume. Medium bodied, mineral feel with firm slaty tannin, clean acidity, raspberry flavour and pencilly oak in support. Finish is very good, with layers of tannin unfurling, and well etched acidity stretching it out. You can go for it now, but its best days are ahead of it" - The Wine Front, 95 points; "A smooth, sumptuous and velvety Yarra pinot whose deeply floral and faintly earthy perfume of black and red cherries and sweet cedary oak precedes a luscious, mouthfilling palate of medium to full body. Deep layers of juicy cherry/dark plum fruit knit tightly with fresh, polished oak and a hint of meatiness, all supported by a fine but firmish spine of gentle tannins. It finishes with genuine length and persistence. Excellent value!" - Jeremy Oliver, 93 points   $67.50 per bottle

2019 Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir    "The bouquet and palate flow with black cherry/berry fruits, violets and spices lurking in its depths. The palate has abundant power that will sustain the wine for years to come. The richness of the plush fruit looked better and better on retasting" - James Halliday, 96 points; "First impression is that this is a great vintage for HCE Pinot. Darker fruit profile, but with raspberry in there too, plenty of spice and perfume of dried rose, some lead pencil and cedar happening. It's medium-bodied, savoury and fruit sweet, almost earthy, and packed with gravelly tannin and bright cherry acidity. The finish is long, spicy, dried herb and cherry-laden, beautiful tannin pushing it out. It puts me in mind of 2013 with its grip and deep fruit. It's bloody outstanding" - Gary Walsh, 94+ points   $26.95 per bottle

2017 Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir    "Exceptional drive, length and focus to its medium-bodied display of zesty, spicy small red fruits, its purity the mark of a glorious vintage, and a great site handled by an exceptional winemaker, Franco D'Anna" - James Halliday, 96 points & Top 100 Wines for 2018; "Medium-bodied, beautiful weight and precision, the delivery of flavour comes with a quiet confidence, fine graphite tannin, clear acidity, and satisfying length. Complete and sophisticated, yet still so young. Go on" - Gary Walsh, 94 points; "The palate offers impressive depth of flavour and authentic cherry fruit. This has some weight and substance. And a sweet fruit core. A very good pinot that's a touch muted at present and just cries out for a little cellar time to mellow and build" - Huon Hooke, 92 points   $28.95 per bottle

2016 Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir    "Hoddles Creek probably about the best $20 you can spend on Australian Pinot Noir. It's almost ludicrous... Light to medium bodied, fine sweep of emery board tannin, fine acidity, delicate flavour, bright and fine boned, with no annoying sweet and sour flavours, and a firm insistently tannic finish. Serious Pinot satisfaction here" - Gary Walsh, 93 points; "The bouquet is meaty, charcuterie and dark cherry-like, the palate similar with intense, refined, penetrative flavour and good length. Lovely pinot and great value" - Huon Hooke, 92 points   $29.95 per bottle

2015 Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir    "Superb colour, both in hue and clarity; the perfumed bouquet of red berries and plums sets the scene for the perfectly balanced and very long palate, with a contrast between its juicy fruits and fine-grained tannins. This is a ridiculous bargain, whether enjoyed tonight or in a decade" - James Halliday, 96 points; "Light to medium bodied, with a tense almost sinewy texture, mass of fine-point tannin, pencilly 'mineral' feel and the tannin and sweet damp earth singing on the finish. Can't recall a better release of the Estate Pinot Noir. Incredible sophistication for its price" - Gary Walsh, 94 points; "This wine presents as mostly about simple, pure fruit and quality of tannin and texture. Those tannins are notable, glorious, etched with feathery detail, gently-gently builds to a light pucker that dries the palate perfectly. Superb. Flavours and aromas come with charisma of cherries, faint truffle, earth, light tobacco, but you go back for that palate feel, time and time again. Ludicrous price. Must buy. Must share" - Mike Bennie, 93 points   $30.95 per bottle

2014 Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir    "Quite simply, it's a beautiful wine to drink. Buy some, buy lots. It's such a charming drink. Ripe but savoury, spicy but rich with succulent appeal. One sip and you just want to settle back and go on with it. Cherries, dry leaves, some mint, the sweet smoky spiciness of oak. Sourness, just a touch. Pinot noir to the Nth degree. High value? Yes. Again" - Campbell Mattinson, 93 points; "As always, Hoddles Creek Estate pinot represents one of the great wine bargains of Australia. Just one sniff had me hooked. Smelling like a fistfull of squished cherry, strawberry and raspberry along with earth and spice, it's layered and complex. That's even before the flavour hits. It's smooth and bursting with elegant flavours similar to the aromas. There's energy, subtle structure and the berry flavours fan out. I've tasted over a decade of these wines and they age tremendously, too. Step right up" - Ben Thomas, The 24 Best Value Wines of 2015    $31.95 per bottle

2012 Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir    "Excellent crimson-purple; not filtered or fined, yet bright and clear; full of red and black cherry fruits, spice imminent; superfine but persistent tannins" - James Halliday, 94 points & Top 100 Wines of 2013; "This latest pinot is a cracker. It offers sour cherry varietal aroma, foresty notes and a whisper of gamey mystery. Silky and supple in the mouth, there's good intensity, yet it's light and fresh, with a gentle signature of very fine tannins, a sustained, fragrant finish, and an amazingly low price tag" - Ralph Kyte-Powell, 93 points & WINE OF THE WEEK; "Really happy with the 2012, think it's probably our best since 2008. Better balanced than 2010, but has the nerve of 2008. Agree, in twelve months it should be singing" - Franco d'Anna, Winemaker; "One of the most eagerly-awaited wines of the year, from a very good season... This release needs time - and given it, it'll be cracking. For all its reserve, it still manages to ooze class" - Campbell Mattinson, 92+ points; "Friendly price, serious Pinot.... The finish is sustained and impressive. It just needs time. Big emphasis on the plus sign here" - Jeremy Pringle, 92+ points   $33.95 per bottle

2018 Holm Oak Pinot Noir   A beautiful Tasmanian pinot noir. Elegance, finesse and oodles of tangy red fruit and spice make this a wonderful pinot noir to serve with food. Will develop magnificently in the cellar; "It's in good form... Red cherries, strawberries, toffee apples and cedar. Polished release. Finishes well. Everything in good order" - Campbell Mattinson, 93 points  $27.95 per bottle

2018 Holm Oak The Protégé Pinot Noir   A lighter, softer pinot to consume in large quantities while the more expensive 2018 Holm Oak Pinot Noir matures in the cellar! "Its pitch is perfect. It's all strawberried and spicy with a fraction of creaminess to the texture and positive reduction notes for complexity. The offering is both juicy and varied. Tannin is tailored to suit and the finish in general does not disappoint. Excellent buying/drinking option" - James Halliday, 93 points  $22.50 per bottle

2013 Kooyong Estate Ferrous Pinot Noir  "Promises a big story from the outset, all showy oak and velvety fruit, but once the opening number has died down a web of finer details is revealed, and there the mesmerising begins... It's long, fine and more simply, fantastic to spend time with. Would be a welcome guest at dinner anytime" - Campbell Mattinson, 96 points; "Medium bodied, intense acidity, a sappy feel to it, layers of spice and herbal tossed through juicy red fruits. Tannin rumbles through th wine, and indeed, you'd have to say Ferrous by name, Ferrous by nature here. A riot of bunchy spice on a long finish. No shortage of charisma here" - Gary Walsh, 95 points   $79.95 per bottle

2010 Kooyong Estate Ferrous Pinot Noir  "This is a very strong release of Ferrous pinot noir... Iron and earth. A sense of calm, cold authority. Fruit is dark berried and grippy. Herbs and spices and no lack of them... Needs time but should be stellar once mature" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points; "Dark and savoury and you cannot but help being struck by the strong sense of ironstone in the bouquet, coupled with dark fruits and sappy complexity; the palate is firm, taut and rugged, needing time to soften; the fine acidity, ample tannins and weighty fruit, not to mention the closure should see this evolve in to something special" - Ben Edwards, 94 points   $84.95 per bottle

2010 Kooyong Estate Pinot Noir   "The palate is fleshy, fresh and focused on entry, with a fine line of acidity and tightly wound tannins providing length to the generous depth of fruit on offer" - James Halliday, 94 points  $52.95 per bottle

2008 Kooyong Estate Pinot Noir   "It has great shape, significant length and is sure to cellar particularly well" - The Wine Front, 93 points; "Lovely dark fruits, small currents and cherries with plenty of spice; fantastic flavour on the palate ... great length" - Chris Crawford, 18.5 points; Dans Sims - 18.5 points; Ben Edwards - 17.5 points  $54.95 per bottle

2007 Kooyong Estate Pinot Noir   James Halliday - 94 points; "Another gorgeous example... It's all about structure, length of flavour, sourness" - Campbell Mattinson & Gary Walsh, 93 points  $54.95 per bottle

2016 Lightfoot & Sons Myrtle Point Pinot Noir    "This complex vinification has resulted in a very complex pinot, with red and purple fruits, abundant spices and savoury/earthy fine-grained tannins. This in turn leads to good length and texture" - James Halliday, 94 points; "This Gippsland vineyard clearly grows good pinot noir. The complexity is there. It just needs time to build and grow and mature... If you cast a wide net you'll reel in a wide variety of flavours and scents. Plenty of tang. Assorted goings on. It's like flicking through a pinot diary" - Campbell Mattinson, 91+ points   $26.95 per bottle

2003 Mount Mary Pinot Noir       Jeremy Oliver 95 points      $155.00 per bottle

2002 Mount Mary Pinot Noir       Jeremy Oliver 92 points      $155.00 per bottle

2010 Mount Terrible Pinot Noir  Very occassionally one comes across a wine from a hitherto unknown winery that blows one off one's feet... Fresh, tangy, savoury cherry and plum fruit, spice and briar aromas are mirrored in a vibrant and intense palate that is beautifully structured, long and lingering. The oak handling is impeccable. Oozes class, but with the best years in front of it. Only 280 dozen produced; "This is a serious pinot noir, the whole bunches contributing to but not dominating the texture and structure of the wine; bright red fruits merge into a gently savoury/foresty backdrop, tannins perfectly pitched" - James Halliday, 94 points; "The perfume flows through the mouth, along with a darker set of berry flavours and stewed plum, with prune-like intensity. Intensity builds and builds and there's a nice grip and fresh berry and plums on the finish" - Ben Thomas, The Weekly Review   $44.95 per bottle

2003 Mount William Pinot Noir   Delightful savoury pinot from Mt Macedon; James Halliday - 92 points   $24.95 per bottle

2019 Mud House Claim 431 Vineyard Pinot Noir    $29.95 per bottle

2005 Nanny Goat Central Otago Pinot Noir    "If you like Central Otago pinot noir, go out and source a bottle of this" - The Wine Front, 92 points; Ralph Kyte-Powell *****; "It's a lovely wine" - Paddy Kendler   $36.95 per bottle

2019 Paringa Estate PE Peninsula Pinot Noir    "This is a fresh, perfumed cherry style of pinot that is quite plush. The fine, firm tannins provide perfect balance. Excellent drinking" - Winewise, 93-96 points (Gold medal); "We're in business here. This sets off the value meter straight away. Cherry-plum flavours with licks of spice, a slight toastiness, excellent fruit purity and a decent sling to the finish. Fresh, complex-enough and more. Delicious drinking" - Campbell Mattinson, 93 points; "The wine is again very bright and bold on the palate, youthfully vigorous and gently firm in its tannins, but balanced and very agreeable already, while it appears to have a good cellaring future. Excellent value" - Huon Hooke, 92 points; "It seems like a good year for this wine. It's vigorous, has light but positive grip and sappy acidity, bright red fruits, along with some spice and undergowthy kinds of things. Finish is tight and long, crunchy cranberry and maybe something like pomegranate. Great drinking" - Gary Walsh, 92 points  $27.95 per bottle

2011 Picardy Pinot Noir    A magnificent wine that has matured beautifully (tasted Dec 2019). Light, ethereal, perfect balance and length. Exudes class; "Pretty and stern at once - flowers, strawberries, new leather, stalks and spice. Light but sure in the mouth, with a gentle, almost silky texture... Really like this. A wine doing entirely its own thing, and doing it well. Stylish. Delicious" - Gary Walsh, 93 points     $49.95 per bottle

2017 Phaedrus Estate Pinot Noir   This has to be one of the most enjoyable pinots I have tasted in a very long time. A plush, juicy and luscious palate with a mouthwatering array of black cherries and spices define this truly delicious wine which has a prodigous length for a pinot noir at this price point; "Striking, luscious fruit, plum and cherry. Atypical, but deliciously hedonistic" - James Halliday, 94 points.   $29.95 per bottle

2011 Pooley Coal River Pinot Noir   "DUAL TROPHY WINNER (INCLUDING BEST PINOT NOIR), 2012 Royal Melbourne Wine Show; "The fragrant, perfumed bouquet of red cherry and damson plum leads into a vibrant, fresh and well-balanced palate; here similar red fruit flavours are on display, supported by fine, gently spicy, tannins; the oak, too, has been well-handled" - James Halliday, 95 points; "Delicious flavour, fruit-forward and lush. Good fruit sweetness. A charmer and a real success for the vintage" - Huon Hooke, 93 points; "Gentle depth and complexity... The palate has terrific balance with smooth, ripe, supple tannins building to a fresh finish of crisp and lively acidity that helps to hold terrific length" - Nick Stock   $45.95 per bottle

2018 Port Phillip Estate Quartier Pinot Noir   "The aromas are reserved and fresh, with raspberry, strawberry and red cherry flavours and lovely pinoty, fruit-driven flavour. A delicious wine - if not really complex. Fruit rules. Great value!" - Huon Hooke, 92 points   $24.95 per bottle

2015 Portsea Estate Pinot Noir   The wine has a haunting array of aromas ranging through savoury red fruits to hints of forest floor and truffle; yet it is the length and finesse of the red fruits at its core that is the key to this wine. The palate is beautifully structured, the earthy minerality and fine acidity and tannins indicative of a high quality pinot noir that is bred to stay for many years; "The power, intensity and depth of the wine are exceptional, but result in a wine that is even more in need of bottle development, the rewards of patience likewise" - James Halliday, 94 points   $49.95 per bottle

2005 Provenance Geelong Pinot Noir    "A classic pinot noir of real depth and length that is utterly delicious down to the last drop" - Gourmet Traveller Wine ***** 95 points    $36.95 per bottle

2007 Quartz Reef Bendigo Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir  "Wonderfully fragrant, pure and appealing. Palate shows an excellent concentration of fragrant red cherry and some black cherry, on beautifully subtle oak, all as understated as the Rousseau top wines... the oak handling in particular demands the highest praise. This is sensational New Zealand pinot noir, one of the very best ever made" - Geoff Kelly Wine Reviews, 19.0 points *****; "Only made in exceptional vintages. Elegant, fine-boned, wine with impressive tautness. Lean & powerful... a clear favourite for the cellar" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 97 points*****; "An emerging Central Otago star... Highly complex... Powerful, yet also graceful and supple... obvious cellaring potential" - Wine Orbit, 96 points; "What a gorgeous bouquet! ... The palate is superbly concentrated and finely textured with seamlessly integrated acidity and fine, chalky tannins. The wine flows and expands beautifully through the palate to a magnificent finish... sensuous and seductive" - Michael Cooper *****; "Gorgeously rich palate, soft and plush... very seductive sweet fruit and texture, deceptive in its elegance as underneath is a brooding power... this could be the most alluring wine Bauer has made to date" - Curtis Marsh, The Wandering Palate    $87.95 per bottle

2008 Quartz Reef Pinot Noir  "This is a top flight Pinot Noir... It has a rich, silken texture with dense plum, black cherry and spice flavours" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 96 points *****; "It's a convincing and mouth-filling wine with plenty of concentrated plum and dark-cherry flavor - and a very, very bright future. A class act from an experienced cellar" - Nick Stock, 94 points; "The palate is concentrated showing satin smooth texture and perfectly pitched acidity and fine tannins. It flows beautifully through the palate to an impressively long finish. A superbly balanced and framed wine destined to age graciously" - Wine Orbit, 93 points; "Supple, spicy and seriously concentrated" - Stephen Tanzer   $62.95 per bottle

2019 Red Claw Pinot Noir   "Hand picked and sorted, open-fermented with 25% whole bunches, matured in used French puncheons. Bright crimson-purple; the fragrant bouquet weaves a tapestry of red berry blossom with a darker note picked up on the complex palate and its long finish" - James Halliday, 95 points & Special Value Star & Top 100 Wines for 2020; Concentrated black cherry fruit and dark loam savoury elements fill the mouth. Definitely in the fuller spectrum for the variety but has a glide and drive which speaks of much higher priced examples. It lingers long with a fine and dry tannin profile" - Stuart Knox, 92 points    $26.95 per bottle

2017 Riposte The Dagger Pinot Noir   "It has considerable depth and complexity to its plum and dark cherry fruit. A foresty/earthy subtext adds another dimension" - James Halliday, 94 points; "This is a beauty. Textural, powerful, varietal and brilliant to drink. Dark cherries and plums, a tanginess, spice and peppercorn notes. It races about, delivering pleasure as it goes. Tannin is in emery board territory. Take the wine, the price, combine the two, and clearly this is right up there as one of the best value pinots of the year" - Campbell Mattinson - 92 points    $19.95 per bottle

2017 Rouleur Yarra Valley Pinot Noir      $32.95 per bottle

2015 Seville Estate Pinot Noir   "The bouquet and palate both throw down the gauntlet with a riveting display of black cherry, spice and a (pleasantly) stalky/vegetal background. Makes a convincing claim for more time in bottle" - James Halliday, 95 points     $39.95 per bottle

2008 Shelmerdine Lusatia Park (Reserve) Pinot Noir   An exemplary single vineyard pinot noir - only 150 cases were produced - from the Lusatia Park vineyard (planted 1985); "It makes me think that this vineyard will one day be considered an Australian Grand Cru" - Campbell Mattinson; "A delicate, ethereal style of pinot. There's charm as well as strenght on the palate" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 93 points     $42.95 per bottle

2008 Shelmerdine Yarra Valley Pinot Noir   "Shelmerdine has hit the jackpot here" - The Wine Front, 95 points; "Intensely fragrant - the purity oozes out of the glass. Real Yarra Valley classic Pinot Noir here, concentrated yet delivered with refinement and finesse... Well done Stephen Shelmerdine" - Paul Ippolito, 92 points; "Plenty of meaty complexity... The palate is smooth and plush... fresh, juicy smooth finish" - Nick Stock, 91 points     $36.95 per bottle

2012 Six Foot Six Pinot Noir   "The bouquet is full of red flowers, red fruits and spices, the flavours of the silky and vibrantly fresh fruit tracking the path set by the bouquet. A lovely pinot offering outstanding value" - James Halliday, 94 points      $18.95 per bottle

2009 Stoney Rise Pinot Noir   "Has considerable depth to its multi-spice, plum and black cherry fruit on bouquet and palate alike; the fruit flavour pours along the palate to the very finish, guaranteeing its future. Harmonious" - James Halliday, 94 points; A very subtle and understated pinot noir... an attractive, silky package" - Angus Hughson   $36.95 per bottle

2006 Tarrington Henty Pinot Noir  "It's all quite a delight: rose petals, Turkish Delight, dark cherries and undergrowth, the finish lingering" - The Wine Front, 92 points    $39.95 per bottle

2002 Tinderbox Vineyard Pinot Noir       James Halliday - 91 points    $42.95 per bottle

2006 Tomboy Hill Rebellion Pinot Noir     "A particularly intense, spicy savoury palate" - James Halliday, 93 points    $39.95 per bottle

2006 Tomboy Hill Smythes Creek Pinot Noir       "One of the best pinots I've tasted this year and is just one of a fascinating range" - Huon Hooke; "On the intense and very long palate the red cherry, strawberry and raspberry fruits are in abundance" - James Halliday, 95 points    $59.95 per bottle

2005 Voice of the Vine Acappella Pinot Noir        AN ABSOLUTE STEAL AT THE HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRICE, a must for those that like exceptionally complex pinot; "Tight, structured, pure and imposing. Excellent quality... a wine of power, balance and distinction. Really good wine" - The Wine Front, 93 points   SPECIAL (20% OFF)   $36.95 per bottle

2009 Wantirna Estate Lily Pinot Noir       Elegant, supple, silky, seamless, beautifully structured and lingering, the wine simply caresses the senses. All class - the veritable iron fist in a velvet glove; "A beautiful wine to drink... silken and seamless... delicious wine of clear class" - The Wine Front, 93+ points      $75.95 per bottle

2008 Wantirna Estate Lily Pinot Noir       "A beautifully composed, supple and elegant pinot... velvet-smooth... the palate reveals lingering, pristine and mouthfilling cherry and plum-like flavour wrapped in refreshing acidity... Simply a delicious pinot; very finely balanced and focused" - Jeremy Oliver, 96 points      $79.95 per bottle

2003 Wedgetail Estate Pinot Noir      "Oooh yes, sizzlingly good pinot" - The Wine Front, 93 points; James Halliday - 93 points; Jeremy Oliver 92 points     $39.95 per bottle

2007 Wild Rock 'Cupids Arrow' Central Otago Pinot Noir     Great value Central Otago pinot from Craggy Range; "It's full of bottled cherry fruit with just a little spice and a sweet touch to the savoury finish. Impressive at the price point" - Sue Courtney; Geoff Kelly Wine Reviews - 17.0+ points [same or better score than many of the heavyweights in the tasting, e.g. 07 Ata Rangi, 07 Dry River, 07 Pegasus Bay, 07 Quartz Reef…]    $28.95 per bottle

2018 Wise Vineyard Leaf Series Pemberton Pinot Noir     "An earthy, spicy nose, cinnamon and strawberries in the background. Beautifully fruited on the palate, plush and pristine, uncluttered and delicate. Just enough savouriness - very well-made" - Nick Butler, The Real Review - 93 points    $26.95 per bottle