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2019 Castle Rock Estate Porongurup Riesling    ""Excellent flow, weight, flavour and length. Purity is arguably the key but aromatics and texture are also of real note here. Flavour, it just sings on" - Campbell Mattinson, 96 points; "The palate has a litheness if acidity and chalky texture with a build of ginger and lime infused with citrus blossom. The mineral edge has an almost saline note before the expansive finish focuses on citrus. A stellar release of what is one of the best value and consistent in Australia" - The Wine Reviewer, 96 points; "A wine of tremendous drive, lime essence carries the palate, pure and pristine. Will live for quite some time" - The Real Review, 95 points; "Oof, brilliant. Tight and lean, but enough pluck of flavour and trim of minerally things to ensure you're locked in. Juicy, yep, just, mostly mineral, chalk and talc, lots of green juice, limey freshness, appley stuff, races away and feels steely and refreshing, So good to drink, so good to keep" - Mike Bennie, 94 points; "Super classy stuff. Get on board! Superb Riesling here from the Great Southern region... Delicate scents and a mouth full of green apples, lime juice and sizzling chalky finish. Brilliant drinking for the money" - Qwine, 95 points; "Pale, but intense, this still quite tightly wound in its youth with lime and grapefruit juice notes to the fore. It has terrific structure and fresh zingy acid on the finish and is lip-smackingly good right now" - Winsor Dobbin; "The palate has delicate yet intense flavours of the 'Riesling regulars' such as lemons (but more so) limes with lovely acidity riding alongside... To top it all off, it has a terrific, moreishly dry, lively, inviting and long finish. A gorgeous Riesling. This will be a sell out!" - Tony Peter   $24.95 per bottle

2012 Castle Rock Estate Porongurup Riesling    "The pristine palate has the hallmark intensity and magical acidity that will see the wine unfold its full glory over the next decade and long thereafter" - James Halliday, 96 points; "Lean and linear, taut and fine, a wine with a future. Has real delicacy and finesse. Superb wine" - Huon Hooke, 94 points   $32.95 per bottle

2002 Clairault Esate Riesling    $32.95 per bottle  

2008 Claymore Joshua Tree Riesling  "A long palate of delicacy and concentration. A stunning wine" - Huon Hooke, 95 points *****; "A wine of style and elegance... This is top notch Clare valley Riesling" - Paul Ippolito, 92 points   $27.95 per bottle  

2019 Crawford River Riesling   "The palate is rich and juicy at the same time as it's refined and delicate. There is power here, concentration and persistence: it's a stunning balancing act of rich, ripe fruit with refinement. Variations on the theme of lemon! This is a magnificent riesling" - Huon Hooke, 98 points; "Pound for pound one of the greatest wines in Australia, by my reckoning, value and quality. Again, great wine here. It's an inky, dense release with impressive flavour spectrum and sense of complexity... So much going on. A wine to really sit back and contemplate, while washing over the senses with a general freshness. Yeah" - Mike Bennie, 95 points; Jane Faulkner - 95 points    $44.95 per bottle 

2014 Crawford River Riesling  "Its sheer intensity and extreme length are in the realm of the gods and their ambrosia and nectar. This is a dry riesling equivalent of Tokaji Essencia" - James Halliday, 97 points; "It's intense yet also subtle, with a tickle of sweetness resulting in impeccable balance" - Huon Hooke, 96 points; "Sporting wonderful length. Pristine citrus juice and rind with a smoky/slatey tautness to the finish. Succulent drinkability now, but with all the ingredients to age majestically. Length length and length" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points   $59.95 per bottle 

2019 Crawford River Young Vines Riesling  "Surprisingly reticent yet still a delicious rendition this vintage. If anything, it's more subtle, savoury even. Sure it has the hint of lemon blossom, but also wet slate and texture, more phenolic grip, it's riper and all done well" - Jane Faulkner - 95 points; "This wine responds to breathing: intense lemon, pithy, lime-leaf aromas; remarkable concentration and palate length. Excellent wine. Young vines, perhaps, but nothing inferior about it" - Huon Hooke, 94 points; "It was the summery thirst quencher I couldn't stop thinking about on the way back from the beach, today. All lemon-lime, sweet green apple, tart acidity, clip of chalky pucker, refreshment factor through the roof, barely there stickiness of riesling fruit and a faint lick of kero or wet hay or something slightly savoury-waxy. Such a treat. Such a good riesling" - Mike Bennie, 94 points   $31.95 per bottle 

2018 Duke's Magpie Hill Reserve New Block Riesling  "This is every bit as elegant and fine as Magpie Hill Reserve, the flavour intensity and the citrus/apple flavours in a slightly different idiom. It will richly reward extended cellaring" - James Halliday, 96 points; "Overtly floral, white flowers and lime blossom. Minerals and talcum powder. It's deceptive, delicate and pristine at first, a serious line of acidity and intensity emerges. Needs time to settle. A real sleeper" - Nick Butler, 94 points   $36.95 per bottle 

2018 Fallen Giants Riesling   "There's no question, the Grampians can produce riesling of the highest quality. It has exceptional tension and laser-guided precision, lime and slatey flavours, and length on the palate that is unsurpassed. It sits easily alongside top rieslings from the Rheingau. This wine has all those qualities, the price a side joke" - James Halliday - 97 points; "It could hardly taste more delicious. It feels soft, flavoursome and long all at once. Kaffir lime leaves, steel and pure lime juice of excellent intensity. I liked it from the first sip but every time I came back to it I liked it more and more"- Campbell Mattinson, 95 points; "There's a judicious tickle of sweetness and this is balanced by fresh acidity. It's intense and long. A thoroughly delicious wine" - Huon Hooke, 95 points     $29.95 per bottle 

2017 Frogmore Creek Riesling       $22.95 per bottle 

2008 Frogmore Creek Riesling   "A very floral bouquet leading into a firmly constructed and textured riesling which is all Tasmania in character" - James Halliday, 93 points     $29.95 per bottle 

2015 Grosset  Polish Hill Riesling   "An exemplary wine... with a powerful, explosively concentrated presence of fruit that delivers an almost chardonnay-like fatness before culminating in an austere, smoky finish of exceptional length, savoury quality and focus. Perhaps the finest wine under this label?" - Jeremy Oliver, 98 points; "A riesling of extraordinary concentration, but in the most delicate, refined way imaginable - characteristics suggested by the lovely aroma and confirmed by the powerful, fine, luscious, absolutely bone-dry palate. This is as good as Australian riesling gets at present" - Chris Shanahan, 98 points; "The palate makes you spring to attention, its natural acid structure providing a superb framework for the fruit to clamber all over. As you come back again and again, the purity and balance of the flavours shine even more brightly, the length and balance immaculate, lime, lemon and a hint of apple exactly pitched" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Delicacy, grace and understated character define an exceptionally pure and pristine Polish Hill whose greatness is declared as much by what it is not as what it is. Mouth-enveloping texture declares the ancient soils of Polish Hill. Length is undeterred, line undeviating and sheer stamina and poise, breathtaking" - Tyson Stelzer, 97 points; "The aroma is brilliantly fresh and pristinely clean, with citrus and blossom-like fruit precisely framed. The palate is very fine and delicate, yet intense and long. It's tightly focused and undeveloped. A wine of great delicacy, which looks to have a very bright future" - Huon Hooke, 95 points; "It's purity personified. This of course is what you would expect of a Grosset Polish Hill riesling, but this release presents a particularly intense portrayal of lemon and lime flavours, its slatey, spicy, zesty inflections crushed down and compounded into a chalk-like finish. It has power, it has length, and it is pristine" - Campbell Mattinson, 95 points; "A great spread of refined fruit. Not a hint of sweetness. Much more reserved and a little more austere than the Springvale but admirably persistent" - Jancis Robinson MW, 17.5 points out of 20  $67.95 per bottle

2007 Grosset  Polish Hill Riesling    "A long, juicy and tightly focused palate of exceptional length and concentration" - Jeremy Oliver, 96 points; "A superb riesling" - Huon Hooke, 95 points; "Mesmerising" - The Wine Front, 94 points; Nick Stock - 94 points; Epicure Uncorked *****   $72.95 per bottle

2004 Grosset  Polish Hill Riesling    Halliday's Top 100 of 2004 - 96 points; Jeremy Oliver - 95 points  $75.95 per bottle

2003 Grosset  Polish Hill Riesling     "I am bowled over by the 2003 Polish Hill, intense, fine and long, with beautiful acidity and fantastic mouthfeel" - Halliday's Top 100 of 2003, 97 points; "Exemplary Clare riesling... Concentrated and exceptionally long, it's searingly intense and citrusy" - Jeremy Oliver, 96 points; "It's restrained and yet generous, with the flavours swirling and mingling together into one - it's gorgeous, with flare and finesse to burn" - Winefront Monthly, 94 points    $79.95 per bottle

2015 Grosset  Springvale Watervale Riesling   "This tightly focused and deeply layered riesling reveals a piercingly fragrant bouquet of lime juice, lavender, white peach, pear and apple underpinned by suggestions of chalk dust and tropical fruit. It's mouth-wateringly flavoured with layers of fruit and chalkiness, coating the palate towards its trim, taut and almost bone-dry finish of searingly fresh, nervy citrusy acids. Wonderfully balanced and complete - a true long-term style of purity and texture' - Jeremy Oliver, 97 points; "Bobby dazzler of a wine. Soft and easy-going but strung with tense flavour from the back palate onwards. The finish is a sheer burst of impressive flavour, without being too cutting. It's not a challenging wine. It's a pristine, blossomy, chalky one. Fennel notes add something extra. Classic" - Campbell Mattinson, 96 points; "A vintage of benchmark line and phenomenal length, creating a fragrant Springvale laced with airy lemon blossom, talc, lime juice and granny smith apple. This is a season of concentration, purity and structure, with a decisive and enduring acid line and mouthfilling mineral texture that captures the limestone and slate subsoils of the highest site in Watervale" - Tyson Stelzer, 95 points; "Deep and intense: concentrated pear fruit. Fruit fruit fruit, in fact; waiting to unwind in the years to come. So powerful, chewy and deep on the tongue too. Super long and mouth-sucking. Needs five years to realise its full potential" - Tim White, 95(96) points; "Mouthfilling and voluminous, almost rich and quite concentrated. There's a semblance of sweetness, which is probably just the rich, ripe fruit doing the talking. This has the makings of a superb wine with some age" - Huon Hooke, 95 points  $49.95 per bottle

2013 Grosset  Watervale Riesling   "Extraordinary. This is one of the best. Lean, long and dry. Enormous length and intriguing aftertaste. Subtle, refined and long. Exquisite aftertaste. Perfect" - John Jens, 18.8 points out of 20; "Classic Clare Valley riesling, made by a master of attention to detail from immaculately tended vines in an excellent vintage. Light straw-green; it doesn't have the sheer elegance of the Polish Hill, but has exceptional power, intensity and length" - James Halliday, 96 points; The Wine Front - 93 points  $49.95 per bottle

2012 Grosset  Watervale Riesling   "Even in its extreme youth, there's no doubt that 2012 will go down among the finest Springvales of all. As pure and precise as ever, its incisive fruit definition and inherent concentration of signature granny smith apple, kaffir lime and spice pull into razor-sharp finish that glitters with hallmark Springvale chalky minerality" - Tyson Stelzer, 96 points; "Elegance is probably its key feature - or perhaps finesse is a better word... A top shelf release" - The Wine Front, 95 points; "Springvale presents a delicate, pristine, utterly irresistible face of riesling" - Chris Shanahan   $49.95 per bottle

2010 Grosset  Watervale Riesling   "It pushes on relentlessly through the mouth, with a bracing surge of mineral-bitten lemon and white pear flavours... its balancing structure and length pay homage to the pedigree... If Australia was riesling, I'd want Jeffrey to be Prime Minister" - Chris Plummer, 96 points; "Impeccable line, length and balance. Offers much now, yet more in the future" - James Halliday, 95 points; "The palate has great poise, precision and persistence" - Tyson Stelzer, 94 points; " It's possessed of crystalline purity and precision, making for a long, controlled, seemingly endless finish with breathtaking fluidity" - Sarah Ahmed; "This is perfection: classic Watervale floral and lime aroma; amazingly fine, gentle, juicy, limey palate and clean, fresh, lingering acidity" - Chris Shanahan  $52.95 per bottle

2009 Grosset  Watervale Riesling   Halliday's Top 100 of 2009 - 96 points; "Seriously deep. Plenty on the palate: the essence of Clare riesling" - Tim White, 94(96) points; "A pristine, beautifully poised riesling with great minerality. An extremely fine vintage for Springvale and one that will be very long-lived" - Tyson Stelzer, 95 points; "There's a strength to this Grosset Springvale Riesling that is compelling... makes you want to keep putting it in your mouth, over and over" - The Wine Front, 94 points   $54.95 per bottle

2007 Grosset  Watervale Riesling   "It finishes long and steely, with a taut and bracing acidity" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points; Ken Gargett - 94 points; "Picture perfect young Clare riesling" - The Wine Front, 93 points; James Halliday - 93 points   $56.95 per bottle

2005 Grosset  Watervale Riesling    Jeremy Oliver - 96 points; The Wine Front - 93 points; Gourmet Traveller Wine - 92 points   $59.95 per bottle

2004 Grosset  Watervale Riesling      "The clarity of flavours are world class" - Andrew Graham, 18.2 out of 20 points
James Halliday - 94 points
; Jeremy Oliver - 93 points 
$58.95 per bottle 

2003 Grosset  Watervale Riesling     Jeremy Oliver - 96 points; James Halliday - 94 points       $64.95 per bottle 

2001 Grosset  Watervale Riesling  Halliday's Top 100 of 2001 - 94 points; Jeremy Oliver - 95 points $62.95 per bottle

2000 Grosset  Watervale Riesling  Jeremy Oliver - 95 points; James Halliday - 93 points; Tyson Stelzer - 93 points $62.95 per bottle

2018 Hardy's HRB D679 Clare Valley & Tasmania Riesling      "As delicious as it is delicate, as intense as it is long. Citrus, spice, bath salt and red apple notes burst onto the palate and shoot their way through to a soaring finish. Entirely gorgeous" - Campbell Mattinson, 97 points; "Fragrant lavender, lime juice and lemon, apple and pear with chalky undertones; long and translucently clear, stylish and shapely, brisk and racy" - Jeremy Oliver, 94 points; "A precise, exact palate with intense focus and concentration. Displaying delicate power and an incredibly long bright and juicy finish. Outstanding" - Vino Notebook, 19 points out of 20  $31.95 per bottle  

2002 Heggies Eden Valley Riesling      Jeremy Oliver - 92 points  $29.95 per bottle  

1999 Heggies Eden Valley Riesling      "Exemplary and elegant riesling" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points; ; James Halliday - 92 points  $32.95 per bottle  

1995 Heggies Eden Valley Riesling      Jeremy Oliver - 94 points  $32.95 per bottle  

2007 Helm Classic Dry Riesling      Trophy for Best Riesling at Cool Climate Wine Show; Top gold medal at Royal Melbourne; "Delicious pure polished fruit oozes down the throat effortlessly" - Paul Ippolito, 95 points; "A ripper" - Chris Shanahan; "Measures up with the finest Rieslings I have tasted... crisp lemon-lime flavours triggers an incredible palate explosion" - John Fordham  $36.95 per bottle  

2009 Henty Estate Riesling   Another delicious riesling from this small producer in Henty; "A fresh, vibrant, delicate wine with minerally acidity, the framework around which the lime/apple fruit will build as the wine ages" - James Halliday, 91 points    $22.95 per bottle

2007 Henty Estate Riesling   "It's a top wine. Opens up exotic and aromatic with spicy citrus, peach and passionfruit - just so lively and attractive... A great wine of style and character" - Winorama, 93 points    $24.95 per bottle

2018 Howard Park Mount Barker Riesling   "The wine is full and open and generously-proportioned, with a dry finish and a hint of green nettles. Everything bodes well for a bright future. Long carry; clean finish. A very good and very promising young riesling" - Huon Hooke, 95 points; "Stacked to the Plimsoll line with lime/lemon juice, Granny Smith and pear aromas and flavours held in the firm embrace of acidity. Its balance and length are major pluses. This is fit for the journey" - James Halliday, 93 points   $27.95 per bottle

2007 Howard Park Riesling   "Outstanding development potential" - James Halliday's Top 100 of 2008, 96 points; "A very pure 'essence of riesling' style that will cellar a treat" - Winorama, 95 points; "Just lovely" - Jane Faulkner   $34.95 per bottle

2006 Knappstein Ackland Vineyard Riesling   "A knockout" - Jeff Gordan; "Brilliant, brilliant Riesling... It's that great. Seriously." Matthew Jukes & Tyson Stelzer; "A long, lingering and powerful palate" - James Halliday, 93 points; Jeremy Oliver - 92 points    $34.95 per bottle 

2012 Knight Granite Hills Riesling   "The vines are now 40 years old, the wine in typical Granite Hills style, ultra-pure refined and with strongly minerally, its long-term future absolutely guaranteed" - James Halliday, 94 points  $29.95 per bottle 

2019 Larry Cherubino Wines Ad Hoc Wallflower Riesling      "Larry Cherubino pulls rabbits out of hats wherever, whenever and with whatever varieties he grows. This riesling surges with a wave of citrus, Granny Smith apple and nashi pear on entry to the mouth, leaving a lingering taste fiesta as the wave recedes. Ludicrous value" - James Halliday, 94 points & Special Value star    $19.95 per bottle

2003 Leasingham Bin 7 Riesling      Halliday's Top 100 of 2003 - 93 points     $25.95 per bottle

2002 Leasingham Bin 7 Riesling      James Halliday - 94 points; Winefont Monthly - 93 points    $29.95 per bottle

2001 Leasingham Bin 7 Riesling      Paddy Kendler's Top 100 of 2002     $27.95 per bottle 

2012 Leo Buring Clare Valley Riesling    $15.50 per bottle 

2008 Leo Buring Clare Valley Riesling  "A classic Clare palate with citrus and mineral components in exact balance; will repay extended cellaring" - James Halliday, 93 points; "Classic regional expression... Luscious, juicy and concentrated... finishing long and austere with a fresh, vibrant acidity" - Jeremy Oliver, GTW Best Buy Wines $20 and under; Winefront Monthly - 92 points; Ken Garnett - 91 points    $24.95 per bottle 

2003 Mesh Riesling      "Not cheap, but stunning; 19.5 points, which is almost unheard of for me" - Steve Charters MW, 19.5 points; "Made in a taut, lean high acid cellar style, its exceptional length of pristine riesling flavour finishes bone-dry and austere, but with a lingering harmony between fruit and acidity. Exceptionally refined, but simply demands a long, long period in the cellar" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points; "Yet another beauty - reserved, slatey, spicy and feted by a crowd of sweet-sour mid-palate flavours... it's got class and style written all over it. Wonderful" - Winefont Monthly, 94 points    $39.95 per bottle

1999 Mitchell Watervale Riesling   $32.50 per bottle

2000 Mitchelton Blackwood Park Riesling    Jeremy Oliver 93 points; James Halliday 91 points   $26.95 per bottle

1997 Mitchelton Blackwood Park Riesling    Jeremy Oliver 90 points     $29.95 per bottle

2018 Mountadam Eden Valley Riesling  "Exceptional riesling! Bravo! A seam of transparent, juicy acidity transports yuzu spice, grapefruit pulp, nashi gelato and lemon drop flavours long. Mellifluous. Graceful. A sophisticated spellbinding wine. Fresh, but nothing tangy, nor hard" - Ned Goodwin (James Halliday Wine Companion), 96 points   $24.50 per bottle

2007 Mountadam Eden Valley Riesling  "A marvellous expression of Mountadam's rocky terroir... unfolds layers of fragrance and flavour, exceptional length and focus... the palate is as sculpted as it is concentrated" - Jeremy Oliver, 96 points; "Classic Eden Valley riesling... It combines delicacy, length and balance " - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 93 points *****   $32.95 per bottle

2016 Mount Horrocks Riesling  "This is a stunning riesling. So dry, so slatey, so well fruited, so charming and so long. It's Clare to its back teeth. Lemon-lime, florals, spice and that characteristic bath salts character. The purity and the sheer deliciousness of the citrus flavours on offer here deserve a mention in the dictionary beside the word: gorgeous" - Campbell Mattinson, 96 points  $29.95 per bottle

2008 Mount Horrocks Riesling  "Looks like it will be superb" - Ken Gargett, 95 points; "One of the great recent vintages for Mount Horrocks" - Nick Stock, Hot 100 Wines; "I haven't seen a young Mount Horrocks riesling look as good as this for some years... Excellent wine" - The Wine Front, 93 points  $36.95 per bottle

2006 Mount Horrocks Riesling   "Utterly delicious now or in 10 years time" - James Halliday, 94 points; "Long, fine and tightly sculpted palate... Long and refreshing, it's likely to age very well" - Jeremy Oliver, 93 points; "An excellent wine" - Gourmet Traveller Wine *****; "A superb riesling" - Jane Faulkner; "Is the Clare's most improved Riesling over the past five years" - Peter Forrestal  $37.95 per bottle

2003 Mount Horrocks Riesling      "A benchmark Clare Valley Riesling, this is a brilliantly intense wine in 2003... The palate is clean, intense and quite powerful, finishing long and concentrated" - Epicure Uncorked ***** ; "Very elegant, finely structured and refined riesling will surely cellar well. Lean and austere, its piercingly pure citrus flavours build slowly in the mouth" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points; ", "Even though the 2002 was a stunner, the '03 is even better. With pure, mouth-watering flavours of lime juice and lemon zest, it has the most intense, scintillating impact on the tongue" - Max Allen & Peter Forrestal    $42.95 per bottle

2004 O'Leary Walker Polish Hill Riesling      Winemaker David O'Leary regards the 2004 vintage as the equal of 2002 - no faint praise indeed!; "O'Leary Walker rieslings have offered sensational value. This is no exception - a concentrated, steely style... The palate is rich and mouth-filling with excellent balance" - Epicure Uncorked *****; James Halliday - 91 points; Philip White 91 points   $25.95 per bottle  

2003 O'Leary Walker Polish Hill Riesling      "The 2003 is another absolute ripper. It has wonderfully pristine riesling personality... In the mouth, there's real mouth-watering appeal with attractively rich mid-palate flavour, good structure and a tangy lip-smacking finish" - The Age *****; "A beautiful, intense, lime-driven wine of lipsmacking appeal - this is another stunning Polish Hill riesling" - The Wine Front, 93 points; "A wine of depth and power" - James Halliday,  92 points; "This is an elegant, highly stylish wine of great pedigree" - Philip White, 92++ points    $27.50 per bottle 

2017 O'Leary Walker Watervale Riesling   "Tastes and feels very 'classic'...Tastes clean and pure, delivers quality fruit flavour, a subtle powdery texture, inviting mouth-perfume, and a crunchy mouth-watering finish of good length. Yes" - Gary Walsh, 94 points; "What a bargain this is for Riesling fans! Lovely florals and citrus fruit. Jasmine flower, unobtrusive softly perfumed and a squeeze of lemon. The fruit cruises about with ease presenting a delicious drive. A thin veil of pith and a crisp acidity close the show leaving the mouth watering" - Qwine, 94 points; "It has drive and intensity to clearly defined varietal fruit, citrus leading the obedient acidity with a firm hand" - James Halliday, 94 points   $22.95 per bottle

2004 O'Leary Walker Watervale Riesling   BEST WHITE WINE IN THE WORLD - 2005 London International White Wine Challenge; "It has a lively, fragrant, spice and citrus bouquet and a fresh palate with tingling fruit and crunchy acidity. Overall, delicacy and finesse" - Halliday's Top 100 of 2004, 94 points; Philip White - 92 points   $25.95 per bottle

2003 O'Leary Walker Watervale Riesling   "I marginally prefer this to its Polish Hill sister wine... excellent balance, mouth-feel and length. Right in the slot" - Halliday's Top 100 of 2003, 94 points; "An absolute cracker with its intense floral and textbook lemon/lime aromas that lead onto a palate that is equally intense, structured and very long" - Australian Financial Review, TOP 20 WINES OF 2003; Philip White - 93+++ points   $27.50 per bottle 

2005 Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling    "Awesome. No real question about it. Lots of rampaging, lemony acidity but a kick of lime and blooms of fuzzy, budding spring flowers" - The Wine Front, 95 points; "Memories of one of the greatest wines I have tasted, the 1980 Petaluma Riesling come flooding back... A particularly beautiful wine with a long and glorious life in front of it" - Grant Dodd, 95 points; James Halliday - 94 points; Jeremy Oliver 93 points; "Will age magnificently and may be his greatest yet" - Nick Stock, 92+ points   $39.95 per bottle   

2003 Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling    Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine *****; James Halliday - 93 points; Jeremy Oliver - 93 points; "Zingy and lively in the mouth... Long, fine lingering finish. A great follow-on from the stellar '02 Petaluma" - Divine Food & Wine Magazine; "Evolves to a tight, mouth-watering close. Delicious riesling" - Tim White      $39.95 per bottle 

2000 Pewsey Vale Riesling      Halliday's Top 100 of 2000 - 92 points; "A perfumed, long, steely riesling" - Jeremy Oliver, 91 points        $26.95 per bottle 

2007 Plantagenet Mount Barker Riesling    "One of Western Australia's modern classics... a palate of piercing varietal definition, super-fine in texture and lingering in flavour. Past examples have aged superbly, and this should too" - Epicure Uncorked *****; "This is a very impressive young riesling... Top notch stuff that surely must cellar well" - Winewise, Outstanding; "Beautifully balanced, fresh lime juice and lemon blossom flavours fill its zesty concentrated palate, with minerally acidity streaming long into the finish" - Nick Stock; "A classic dry riesling... Lively acidity and good length make it a beautiful drink" - Sally Gudgeon; "Long and savoury, with intense lime and lemon flavours... it should flesh out well" - Jeremy Oliver, 92 points; James Halliday - 92 points    $24.95 per bottle 

2012 Pooley Coal River Riesling      "The palate is generous and juicy on entry, with excellent concentration and pristine line; the palate is long and extremely fine, and whilst absolutely delicious now, will continue to progress with grace" - James Halliday, 96 points   $39.95 per bottle

2011 Pooley Coal River Riesling      "This has concentration and swagger. The palate's fleshy and fully ripe with lovely peach and nectarine fruits, and a balanced and supple finish; acid waves out the finish" - Nick Stock, 93 points   $39.95 per bottle

2017 Pressing Matters R0 Riesling      "It's spine-tingling fresh with a burst of lemon zest and lime juice across the palate. Crisp and dry, linear and long with sprightly acidity and an almost nervous energy. Yet there's a succulence too. Super now, better in a few years" - James Halliday, 95 points; "And dry it is. Wow. Pure citrus fruit and citrus blossom scents. Delicate, evocative, pretty. The palate is chiseled and edgy, tightly wound dry citrus flavours, brisk as all get out with tart-lemony acidity and piercing through its needle-thrust to its long, pin prick of mouthwatering acidity to close. Acid hounds will rush to this, and in its style it is pristine and so very precise. Nice one" - Mike Bennie, 93 points; "The wine is lean and taut and almost a little austere... A very fine, reserved riesling" - Huon Hooke, 92 points   $29.95 per bottle

2019 Rieslingfreak No.5 Clare Valley Off Dry Riesling   A pitch perfect off dry style, a wine of exquisite purity and a thrilling example of a Germanic expression of Clare Valley riesling. A palate of impressive fruit purity, finesse, delicacy, balance and great power that is sustained by an incredible acid backbone. It races along with crystalline feel, precise and thrilling with its delicious, moreish, fresh nature. Brilliant. Very highly recommended; "Bright, fresh and crisp, everything one should enjoy with this off-dry Clare riesling. As enjoyable tonight as it will be in the years to come. John Hughes continues to polish his skills" - James Halliday, 95 points  $39.95 per bottle

2015 Rieslingfreak No.6 Clare Valley Aged Relese Riesling   "I recently tasted a range of Rieslingfreak wines and the standard was very high-just as I've found in the past. The absolute zenith to my palate was the 2015 Rieslingfreak No. 6 Aged Release(an absolute gift at AUD $42). This is a bewitchingly beautiful wine. Now six years old, it's in its prime-still youthful and fresh and with many years ahead of it, but showing the benefit of a few years of patient cellaring in its extra layer of complexity. A great Australian riesling indeed. From an outstanding vintage, this beautiful wine is ageing gracefully... The flavours are delicious, layered and reserved but also very giving at the same time. The glorious array of citrus flavours linger long on the palate and the finish is clean, crisp and refreshing. Concentration and charm in spadefuls. A great Australian riesling" - Huon Hooke, 98 points (Ranked 1 of 60 2015 rieslings from Clare Valley)  $39.95 per bottle

2019 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling   "The perfumed fragrance is wonderful, at once light and intense. Citrus and apple blossom notes are quite special, and illuminate the very long palate and aftertaste" - James Halliday, 98 points & Top 100 Wines of 2019 & Best Riesling 2021 Halliday Wine Companion Awards  $36.95 per bottle

2018 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling   "Thanks to the clinging acidity that catches the fore-palate, lime and grapefruit flavours are long and intense. If ever a wine was made in the vineyard, this is it. Its family tree tells you the life of the wine will be measured in decades, not years" - James Halliday, 96 points; "The potential is obvious, and enormous... intense zesty fruit and high acidity. It all comes together beautifully" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 95 points; "Long and pristine, laced with lavender, pear and apple skin; pure fruit extends down a dusty spine towards a faintly sweet finish wrapped in lime juice acids" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points; "Aromas are bright, fresh, crisp and lively... the palate juicy and delicious. There is a trace of sweetness balancing the high acidity, but you scarcely notice it, the wine is so beautifully balanced" - Huon Hooke, 95 points  $36.95 per bottle

2016 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling   "A ravishing wine... This has it all, bringing finesse and luxuriant varietal character onto the table at the first moment of the bouquet and of the palate. It is literally loaded with power in the fashion of a fine, dry Rheingau riesling. It is utterly irresistible now, and will become even more so with extended cellaring - James Halliday, 97 points; "Scintillating wine. Crystalline in texture, delicate, threaded through the eye of a needle style, but intense, frisky in its course across the palate, so limey-zesty and fresh, mineral charged and breathtaking" - Mike Bennie, 94 points  $38.95 per bottle

2015 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling     "Captures you by stealth... before expanding dramatically on the way through to the back-palate, where a whirlpool of flavours explodes, the intensity of the lime juice and acidity almost shocking" - James Halliday, 98 points & Top 100 Wines of 2015; Jeremy Oliver - 96 points; "A purity and delicacy that feels zesty and inwardly concentrated. Fine chalky texture finishes the wine. It's a rapier thrust of riesling, beautiful and so very drinkable" - Mike Bennie, 94+ points  $39.95 per bottle

2014 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling     "It is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the vineyard, and this glorious riesling is a fitting testament. It has spectacular intensity, drive and length to its lemon, lime and slate flavours and texture" James Halliday - 97 points; "Yet another superlative, truly international riesling from this cool and breezy site in southwestern Victoria... Deep, translucent and profoundly floral aromas... precede a long, lean, finely textured and dusty palate of exceptional shape, purity and freshness. It's marginally sweet, with taut and tightly focused finish of brittle acidity, minerality and exemplary balance " - Jeremy Oliver, 97 points; "High aromatic impact. Lime blossom and juicy lime. Smells terrific. Whisper of sweetness. Palate throws a significant shift of slatey flavour, cut through with lime, full of personality and texture, yet powerful and pulsing through the finish. Wonderful riesling" - The Wine Front, 95 points,  "In one of the great visionary acts in Australian wine history, the Seppelt Drumborg vineyard was planted 50 years ago. This riesling celebrates that significant anniversary in style. It's one of Australia's very best - fragrant, long, dry and racy, with all the attributes that make riesling great" - Winewise, Outstanding  $41.50 per bottle

2013 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling     "While the bouquet is fresh, flowery and clean, it is on the palate that it bursts into joyful song, with a surge of lime, lemon and passionfruit that propels the flavours through to the finish and aftertaste, the minerally acidity largely unseen, but guaranteeing a 20-year drinking window" - James Halliday, Top 100 Wines of 2013 & 97 points; "Very fine, elegant and tightly focused... It's long and limey, with a pure, crystalline expression of crunchy citrus and apple-like fruit extending long towards a savoury finish of lemony acids underpinned by a lick of wet slate" - Jeremy Oliver, 95 points; "This 2013 is a pearler... It's lemony, slatey, and intense with a great drive of acidity through the finish... But there's all this sweet apple and pear-like flavour too, which gives it an open deliciousness up front. The sweetness is clear and noticeable, the acidity the driver of powerful length, and yet the two seem in harmony. This harmony gives the wine a delicacy, an elegance" - The Wine Front, 93+ points   $42.95 per bottle

2011 Seppelt Drumborg Museum Release Riesling     "Take any Drumborg Riesling that is more than 10 years old and you will have a glimpse where this gloriously intense wine is headed, its lime juice, mineral and acid all perfectly balanced on the very long palate" - James Halliday, 97 points; "Long, lean and tightly sculpted, with a pure, crystal-clear core of citrusy, pear and apple flavour backed by a dusty, chalky undercarriage, it extends long and focused towards a pithy, textured finish wrapped in lemony acidity. Wonderful shaped, textured and balanced" - Jeremy Oliver, 96 points; "Seppelt continue to do wonders with the Drumborg. The 2011 carries on the label's fine pedigree, with a minerality, composition, texture and structure rare in Australian riesling" - Australian Wine Journal, 95 points; "... Gives the wine a brilliant intensity and a decided juiciness... Pretty impressive, it has to be said" - The Wine Front, 94 points   $39.95 per bottle

2008 Seppelt Xavier's Labyrinth Henty Riesling     A BARGAIN! A classic and intense mix of lime and mineral and toast on the bouquet with touches of honey and toast; the palate is fine, long, intense and very pure, with the hallmark core of steely acidity that Seppelt' rieslings always have and which give the wines such a long lease of life   $18.95 per bottle

2012 Sevenhill Inigo Riesling    "A similarly evocative palate, with citrus fruit framed by slatey acidity on a lingering finish. Great bargain" - James Halliday, 95 points; "An immaculate wine with ripe fruit and great depth of flavour" - David Prestipino, 93 points; "A beautiful example of what Clare does so well... The palate is amazingly fresh and focused, light and citrus flavours keep it so drinkable" - Tony Love   $24.95 per bottle

2003 Sevenhill Cellars Riesling    James Halliday - 93 points; Tim White - 92 points; Epicure Uncorked ****   $29.95 per bottle

2002 Sevenhill Cellars Riesling    "Deliciously full flavour while retaining finesse... Faith not required" - Halliday's Top 100 of 2002, 95 points; "It's a perfect 2002 from Sevenhill" - Phillip White, Top 100 Wines for 2002    $32.50 per bottle

2015 Singlefile Great Southern Riesling    "Minerally acidity forms the backdrop for a wine of great fruit intensity and persistence, citrus in the vanguard, a wisp of fresh-cut apple in the rear. Top stuff, with a guaranteed future. Great value" - James Halliday, 95 points    $25.95 per bottle

2015 Sons of Eden Freya Riesling   "Intensely focused and equally long on the palate and aftertaste; lime zest and juice has the electrifying acidity marking the quality of the wine now and into the future" - James Halliday, 95 points; "Big Corey Ryan reckons it's one of the best they've made. Beautiful pure and pretty thing this is... Delivers juicy fruit flavour with a superb clean core of acidity, the lightest of fine chalky texture and a very long finish tweaked with ruby red grapefruit freshness. Great to drink now, but no hurry of course"- The Wine Front, 95 points  $22.95 per bottle

2012 Sons of Eden Freya Riesling   "Hand-picked and whole bunch-pressed; this is classic Eden Valley at its best; the fragrant, flowery citrus blossom aromas lead into a laser-cut palate, at once juicy yet minerally, the flavours hitting the tip of the tongue as the wine enters the mouth, and then refusing to go away" - James Halliday, 96 points; "Baby oil, ripe lime, apple blossom and into a bursting juicy palate - so much flavour of a tangy and sherbetty persuasion - pulled together with fine acidity, requisite slatey bits and a long zesty finish. So good to drink now it's hard to imagine a good reason to hang on to it? One of those wines where it's hard to draw the line between tasting and drinking"- The Wine Front, 94 points; "Pure and pristine... Fine acid carries the wine with ease towards a dry, chalky finish... Deserves a spot on the Ashes tour" - Jeremy Pringle, 94 points  $24.95 per bottle

2009 Sons of Eden Freya Riesling   Produced from 40 year-old-vines and displaying all the hallmark Eden Valley lime and citrus characters; "The estate-grown wines are of outstanding quality... The purity of the wine reflects hand-picked, whole bunch-pressed grapes from a single vineyard... soaring finish and lingering aftertaste" - James Halliday, 94 points  $27.95 per bottle

2001 Tahbilk Riesling      James Halliday - 90 points     $19.95 per bottle  

1991 Tahbilk Riesling      Jeremy Oliver - 92 points     $27.50 per bottle  

2005 The Wilson Vineyard DJW Riesling    "Great finesse, long, fine and sculptured" - Halliday's Top 100 of 2005, 95 points ; "Silky smooth and seamless, with delicious flavour" - Gourmet Traveller Wine, 94 points *****; "The delicious palate is harmonious, long and complete" - Epicure Uncorked *****   $36.95 per bottle 

2012 The Wilson Vineyard Polish Hill Riesling   "Immediate wow factor here on first snif... So pure and clean with bright crunchy acidity and a slatey dry deliciousness, yet it's not overly austere, keeping a gentle fruit sweetness and mouth perfume ... Long and very fine. Brilliant wine" - The Wine Front, 95+ points; "Taut, dry, tight and intense in the mouth. Very nervy and tense. Long finish too" - Huon Hooke, 95 points; "This wine has greater focus and intensity, and more lime juice flavours at its core, balanced by crisp, lingering acidity" - James Halliday, 95 points; "In 2012 Wilson's flagship white reveals the unique power and delicacy of great riesling... the palate reveals great intensity and power of flavour, held in check by its tight acid structure. Should age very well" - Chris Shanahan  $34.95 per bottle 

2006 Tim Gramp Clare Valley Riesling   "... a new favourite wine from the region" - Toni Paterson MW, Wine of the Month; James Halliday - 94 points;  "Has class stamped all over it" - Grant Dodd, 93 points; Epicure Uncorked ****   $26.95 per bottle