Price Matching Policy 


I pride myself in supplying quality wine from premium wine producers that offer exceptional value for money. I am incredibly fussy about the wines that I promote and am constantly amazed at the number of wines that I have sampled and rejected that are championed by other wine suppliers - often on the back of a good review from one or other wine critic. Customers can rest easy in the knowledge that all wines have been assessed against benchmark wines and come through with flying colours.

My superior range of wines is backed up with quality service. I am passionate about wine, take the time to get to know my customers likes and dislikes, and activally encourage them to phone and discuss their needs or simply just have a chat about wine.

In addition, my pricing policy ensures that I am often the cheapest in Australia, and if not, always competitive. The industry, however, is awash with suppliers trying to get a foothold in an extremely competitive market by cutting margins to the bone. I am realistic enough to realise that in any given week I will not be the cheapest on every wine I sell. But I do value your custom greatly, so if you are tempted to buy elsewhere, please contact me and I will endeavour to match or beat the cheaper price - whether it be from another retailer or direct from a winery.